Jurgen Klopp Backed Beer Brand Goes To Number One In UK

A well-executed media campaign combining clever creative and authentic ambassador partnership takes wheat beer brand to number one position within 18 months.

German beer brand ERDINGER Weissbier, that is distributed in the UK by Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company, has become the number one imported wheat beer in the UK. The brand is attributing a high percentage of its rapid rise to fame to its impactful and well targeted marketing featuring brand ambassador Jürgen Klopp. The campaign has been implemented by ERDINGER’s media agency partner of two years MediaCom Manchester.

Challenging established players in the market, including Hoegaarden and Leffe, ERDINGER Weissbier, which is a genuine and authentic import from Erding in Germany, stormed the UK market with its clever Never skim an ERDINGER campaign delivered to craft beer drinkers and football fans through a targeted mix of VoD, Out of Home and digital media placements.

The focus of the “Never skim an ERDINGER” campaign was on the beauty and enjoyment of the foam on a freshly poured ERDINGER, convincingly conveyed by Jürgen Klopp. A second treatment also ran to congratulate Klopp on the back of his Premiership title success, including an ad-funded documentary with Channel4 following the life and career of the German football icon.

Daniela Martens of ERDINGER says,

“Since the launch of our Never Skim an ERDINGER campaign in the UK, Weissbier sales have gone up more than 62% (versus a category growth of just 12.5%), despite Covid and trade restrictions. Moreover, our achievement of becoming the highest selling wheat beer brand in the UK has come within just two years of launching our advertising campaign.

“We worked with MediaCom to plan the carefully curated roll out, not only capitalising on Jürgen’s strong following both in the North West and nationally but to reach audiences in the most authentic way to drive impact. We never dreamt that Never skim an ERDINGER would eventually become an English catch-phrase.”

Chris Pollard from MediaCom Manchester adds,

“The ERDINGER campaign tapped into key audience insights to provide maximum impact among our most appropriate target customers, making the challenger-budget campaign feel significant to those most likely to try an ERDINGER for the first time.  The campaign utilised digital media across AV, OOH and the internet allowing targeted messaging and phasing to punch above our weight.

“Given Jürgen’s fan base, the initial launch strategy was to target audiences within Liverpool and the North West, the success of which led to a national roll-out and support in major cities across the UK.

“What’s been amazing with this work is that by combining clever targeting, creative and a great fitting brand ambassador in Jürgen – who like the product is authentic, unpretentious and unmistakable – the campaign also went viral with the hashtags #NeverSkim and #NeverSkimAnErdinger trending on Twitter.

“In addition to increasing brand awareness, the digital media placement drove audiences in their thousands to click through to ERDINGER’s unique content hub, which shares tips on how to enjoy the perfect wheat beer experience (including the pouring ceremony and creating a foamy head) and has short videos, quotes and exclusive features about Jürgen.

“With effective media placement combining the right elements we have positioned ERDINGER as a highly desirable speciality wheat beer that’s taken it to number one.”

A third wave of the campaign is being launched in April 2022 that will include Cinema from the beginning of May and focus on the ERDINGER experience. More information can be found at www.erdinger.uk/bestbit

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