Leading payments middleware launches new feature aimed at improving customer experience

Payment middleware Imburse has, today, announced the launch of Pay-by-Link, a new feature that will improve customer payment experience. Pay-by-link will make customer payments quicker and will not involve major financial investment or resources on the part of insurers. Imburse is a payments middleware that provides connectivity to the entire payments ecosystem for large enterprises. Headquartered in Zurich with offices in London and Lisbon, Imburse is a software as a service company that helps large enterprises and insurers future-proof IT systems in order to meet and exceed customer preferences anywhere in the world.

A Pay-by-Link is a method that enables customers to pay for their purchases via a link online. In an era when payments and checkout processes are complex and modernising complicated, Imburse understands how advantageous a Pay-by-Link feature is for both customers and enterprises. By using Pay-by-Link, insurers will have to do very little to change their payment infrastructure and will save investment in resources and operations. Additionally, the Pay-by-Link feature will also ensure the improvement of cash flow, as it makes it easier and faster to collect payments. The feature will be customisable and available in English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Financial transactions are a core component of operational day-to-day work for insurers. However, insurers often struggle to engage with the end customer and offer them a fast and seamless payment experience. This is the problem that the new Imburse Pay-by-Link feature solves. According to research from Barilliance, more than a quarter of customers (28 percent) abandoned their carts because the checkout process was too long or complicated. Additional research from The State of Connected Customer report, found that 84 percent of customers said that the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services. Despite this, there is still a divide between customer expectations and what businesses are actually delivering. Imburse is hopeful that its new feature will help to improve the customer experience of insurance users.

Commenting on the launch of the Pay-by-Link feature, CEO and Co-founder, Oliver Werneyer, said: 

“The launch of the Pay-by-Link feature comes at a time in which insurance and banking industries are changing rapidly, with emerging technologies casting a shadow on the capabilities of traditional insurers. At Imburse, we endeavour to accelerate the efforts of insurers and insurance carriers to modernise, transform and digitise their systems. We hope that through this new feature Imburse will help insurers save time, money and headaches in integration, maintenance and continuous optimisation costs.”

About Imburse

Imburse connects organisations to the global payments ecosystem. Their PaaS platform

provides a single integration to all payment providers and technologies around the globe, making it easy, fast and inexpensive to deploy new technologies. A winner in the ‘Ecosystem’ category of the ‘Finance-IT Innovation Award 2019’, Imburses’ core focus is to enhance the transaction capabilities of companies whereby the payment workflow is completely accessible and modularised via a single solution, minimising complexity and IT integration. Imburse currently has three offices in Zurich, Lisbon and London and employs 60 full time staff. It provides seamless payment services to clients across 25 countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, and the UK. For further information please see www.imbursepayments.com.

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