The Workstyle Revolution is here! New book by Lizzie Penny and Alex Hirst

“This book is terrific. It provides inspiration that one word can change the course of history. Lizzie and Alex are longtime leaders of the conversation on autonomous working, and this is an eye-opening perspective on the future of work”

Sophie Devonshire, author of LoveWork and Superfast – Lead at Speed.

“Lizzie and Alex have spearheaded the conversation around autonomous and asynchronous working for over a decade, bringing innovative ways of working to change the world of work.”

Caroline Arora, VP People and Culture, Blinkist

“Lizzie and Alex are reinventing the way the world works. Read this vivid and inspiring story of how each and every individual can (and should!) be able to craft their ideal workstyle.”

Pim de Morree, Co-founder, Corporate Rebels

“Workstyle is a brilliant book that we’ve never been in more need of. Lizzie and Alex are the experts on autonomous working and make it easy and exciting for us all to understand and apply.”

Helen Tupper, co-author of The Squiggly Career and You Coach You

When life has to fit around traditional work it damages wellbeing, productivity and society. Authors Alex Hirst and Lizzie Penny introduce and explain the concept of workstyle, and why this is the best and the inevitable solution for a world of work which is currently broken.

Workstyle is a system of autonomous working – not flexible, or hybrid, or office-based methods of working prescribed by companies but an individualised method, defined by each person for themselves.


Workstyle is the complete freedom to choose when and where you work. 

Alex and Lizzie believe that workstyle is more than just offering flexible work, more than a four-day week, more than remote or hybrid work, more than part-time work and more than job-sharing. These are halfway house suggestions that do not fix the underlying problem or the damage that has been done.

Workstyle unlocks the key to genuine inclusion and creates a meritocratic workplace where output is rewarded, rather than presenteeism. Workstyle work is inclusive, fulfilling and fair – and one day all businesses will work this way.


This book lays out the full story of Workstyle – from its inception, through profoundly inspiring stories of the lives it has changed, to the impact it will have on the world by levelling the playing field and creating true inclusivity and accessibility in our society. The book breaks down the concepts and contains activities to help individuals shape their workstyle future.

Lizzie and Alex take us through the history of work, where the 9-5 came from, and why the time is right for a change. They explain how workstyle differs from flexible, hybrid, or remote working, and why it matters. Most importantly, they introduce the idea that you can design your own workstyle, by reflecting on the things that matter to you, acting to change your life and inspiring others to do the same, all underpinned by research that proves that this is a better way to work for us all.


“This book is for everyone who has had to take a day off work to receive a delivery or go to a doctor’s appointment. It is for anyone with caring responsibilities, for parents, those with illnesses, mental health issues, who feel burnt out, or who are living with disabilities. It is for those who are older, who identify as neurodiverse or who consider themselves different in any way. It is for people who feel disenchanted with work and want to live a meaningful, fulfilled life. It is for anyone who questions why they need to commute to an office to be productive. It is for every person who has a life outside of work. This book is for everyone who works or wants to work, and for all of us who want to shape the future of work for generations to come.”

(Alex Hirst and Lizzie Penny)


The Workstyle Revolution is here! 


Workstyle: A revolution for wellbeing, productivity and society

By Lizzie Penny and Alex Hirst

Published by John Murray Learning

RRP £16.99 (TBC)

Available to pre-order on Amazon now 


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