Vortex 6 Launches V6 ProFusion Transforming the Way Organizations Track Employee IT Certifications to Build a Live Skills Taxonomy

ProFusion provides vital business intelligence to impact everything from strategy to L&D investment, through a comprehensive and holistic view of all employee IT certifications, skills, and capabilities.

BRACKNELL, UK, 28th June 2022 — Vortex 6, a leading cloud and services solutions provider, today announced the launch of V6 ProFusion to help businesses better manage their employees’ certifications in one simple, intuitive platform. ProFusion gives organizations a comprehensive view of their skills taxonomy, capturing certifications and skills information utilizing HR, vendor, and employee-sourced data to give a complete, and continually updated, view of the entire IT talent pool’s capabilities

Developed in conjunction with two leading global technology vendors and service providers, today the platform is used to manage and report on over 140,000 employees worldwide who combined hold almost half a million certifications across 380 individual vendors.

Peter Olive, founder and CEO at Vortex 6, said, “Since implementing ProFusion within our global early adopter partners, we now understand their difficulties in maintaining certification records. The challenge of maintaining a continually updated understanding of IT certifications held by employees is common across organizations of all sizes, especially within the IT sector and for other sectors that rely on certified talent to deliver their products and services.”

He added, “Frequently, companies have an incomplete picture of their employee capabilities, and struggle to keep the data current and accurate. ProFusion seamlessly captures certifications that have been sponsored by their employer, in addition to capturing those certifications gained at previous employers or that have been self-funded. This gives a truly comprehensive understanding of the total knowledge and skills assets of their employees.”

With expertise in the field of simplifying vendor engagement, improving efficiency, removing risk, and increasing income and profitability for businesses, Vortex 6 simplifies the challenging task of managing employee certifications for businesses in a quantifiable way. Many companies struggle with manual data collection methods, including CV scanning and surveying employees. ProFusion also provides employees with a complete and structured view of their certifications that ensures data integrity.

The Vortex 6 philosophy is to demonstrate ROI derived from its platforms and ProFusion impacts many areas of an organization including business strategy, vendor compliance, rebate optimization, competitor differentiation, productivity and efficiencies gains, optimization of L&D investment and employee retention and engagement.

In a recent implementation of ProFusion within a UK-based business, visibility of certifications across 250 employees almost doubled. Over just an 8-week period from the start of implementation, ProFusion uncovered an abundance of skills and certifications that were previously unknown and provided intelligence that could be used to create business value almost immediately.

To find out more about V6 ProFusion, and how it can help a business transform its skills taxonomy, visit https://www.vortex6.com/profusion/.

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