New report reveals UK’s most loved brands for 2022

  • Lego tops the list of most loved brands in the UK followed by L’Oréal and Olay
  • Beauty & Fashion brands dominate the UK’s top 10 most loved brands
  • Environmental, social and economic sustainability seen as the key drivers for brand love


Talkwalker, the leading consumer intelligence platform and Hootsuite, the global leader in social media management, have released their Brand Love 2022 report. Having analysed over 1,500 brands across 20 industries, this year’s report examines what’s driving brand love and the evolving relationships between consumers and brands.

Lego, L’Oréal and Olay came out on top respectively as the most loved brands amongst UK consumers. Meanwhile Asics, Illy and Colorbar Cosmetics ranked the highest globally.

Both in the UK and around the world Beauty & Fashion brands score highest on average making up almost a third (32.6%) of the top 50 loved brands globally, with six featuring in the UK’s top 10.

Media, Sports & Entertainment brands outperformed the global top 50 average passion score, but they fell short when it came to trust. Conversely retail and e-commerce brands massively outperformed the average top 50 on trust.

UK: Top 10 most loved brands:

  1. Lego
  2. L’Oréal
  3. Olay
  4. Land Rover
  5. Head & Shoulders
  6. Nando’s
  7. Oral-B
  8. Lacoste
  9. LUSH
  10. Hasbro

The world’s top 10 most loved brands:

  1. Asics
  2. Illy
  3. Colorbar Cosmetics
  4. Nuxe
  5. Maisons du Monde
  6. Bonduelle
  7. Jimmy Choo
  8. Kewpie
  9. Fjållråven
  10. MUJI

The Talkwalker methodology moves beyond quantitative analysis to incorporate three qualitative scores – The Passion Score, The Customer Satisfaction Score, and The Trust Score. The brands in this year’s top ten have nailed all three. The report analysed 2.6 billion conversations from social media, news, blogs, and reviews, to identify the brands consumers really care about. Every single ranking brand focused on environmental, social, or economic sustainability, with the top 50 loved brands seen as leaders in these fields.

The past year saw an increased focus on sustainability, particularly on what impact brands are having on a social, economic, or environmental level. The report found that aligning with customer values, delivering emotional experiences, and acting on their beliefs is now expected of brands.

Jack Richards, Marketing Manager (Northern Europe) at Talkwalker says:

We’re excited to release our third Brand Love report which gives a clear picture of what’s driving consumers at this time. Brand Love has a huge impact on growth with loved brands growing three times faster than the industry average.’ 

‘Those brands who get close to the data, understand consumer behaviour, and work proactively to meet the expectations and desires of customers are the ones who get ahead. 

And we know that being a loved brand isn’t just another vanity exercise. Brand love directly correlates to the bottom line, with 86% of consumers spending more on the brands they love. That’s why it’s important, and that’s why brands are striving to achieve brand love.”’

Hootsuite CMO Maggie Lower says:

As a marketer, if the past year and a half taught us anything, it’s that the traditional ways of advertising have changed drastically. Brands who put authenticity and courageous creativity at the core of their plan are the ones who generate the most brand love.”


To discover more, download the Brand Love 2022 report here.


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