FinancialForce partners with Talent Works to enhance employer brand and grow engineering talent

  • Data-led approach allows FinancialForce the agility to hire in competitive landscape
  • Partnership sees FinancialForce deploy global hiring campaign to entice technical expertise

Manchester, UK; 7th February 2022: FinancialForce, the leading provider of customer-centric business applications across finance, services, and customer success teams have announced its 2022 hiring programme with Talent Works, a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner. Together they will develop FinancialForce’s people brand and UK recruitment engine, hiring for innovation roles in Engineering, Product, Sales and Research and Development (R&D).

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, with EMEA headquarters in Harrogate, England, the cloud Salesforce platform company chose Talent Works to support its growth. Following unprecedented demand for roles in technology and R&D, the business is hiring at least 70 roles within its Engineering, Product and Sales teams.

With hiring globally now a candidate’s market, FinancialForce was aware that its offering to prospective hires had to go above and beyond the norm. Leveraging Talent Works’ data-led approach allowed them the agility and flexibility to understand the desires of candidates and removed points in the recruitment process that might have seen offers rejected. It also enables FinancialForce to see location demands in the new remote working environment.

Talent Works was able to offer on-the-ground support for FinancialForce’s US talent acquisition team when hiring for roles in the UK. Supported by Talent Works’ SVP, Jody Robie offered senior insights and strategy to improve engagement and understanding of the candidates in the market. The Talent Works team then built a digital recruitment marketing campaign targeted specifically to Software Developer candidates communicating innovation messages to technical applicants, and helping FinancialForce to differentiate the roles from others out there on the market.

Kathy Erickson, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at FinancialForce, said: “The recruitment landscape has changed in the last two years, and I’ve never lived through such a busy market, with businesses struggling to fill the gaps in their teams. At FinancialForce we recognised the need to outsource our efforts to ensure we were able to reach the right talent. Being based in the US while searching for talent in the UK has been a hurdle that we have only been able to overcome with the help of Talent Works acting as an extension of our team. The consultative approach of Talent Works has been invaluable, working with us to produce the best outcome for our team in the UK.”

Neil Purcell, CEO of Talent Works, added: “We don’t anticipate hiring to slow down anytime soon, and because of this businesses need to continue to evaluate their hiring and recruitment processes. Even with brands as recognisable as FinancialForce, businesses still need to understand that candidates are looking for so much more than just stability and salary. Understanding what exactly these differentiators are for talent is crucial in hiring success, and without data at the heart of recruitment then many will fall foul to rejections and competitors getting the upper-hand.”

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