Month: February 2022

Hyperconvergence News

Nutanix Survey Highlights the Culture Shifts and Technology Innovation Needed for New Digital Norm

Nutanix has announced the findings of the recently commissioned IDC CXO Survey, outlining that while companies are building better digital habits and systems, a shift is needed from digital culture to value realisation. Surveying leaders across EMEA, the IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Nutanix, From Digital Culture to Value Realisation showed that 84% of IT leads in EMEA […]

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Data & Analytics News Tech Thought Leadership

The ‘promise’ of analytics to change our lives

Written by Paul Scholey, Vice President International Sales at Sisense Data and analytics hold a kind of ‘power’ – and we can use that power to build online security, prevent financial crime and even fend off cybercriminals. But there are still so many other ways we can improve the world through analytics. It can make business […]

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Climate Logistics News

Another Year Passes and The Climate Change Deadline Looms Ever Closer

Written by Mark Perera, CEO, Vizibl As 2022 gets underway, we are reminded once again that the 2030 climate change deadline looms ever nearer. The key goal is to keep global warming to 1.5˚C – a task which, despite the efforts of global leaders at the UN’s Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November last year, […]

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Passenger hand signalling at end of line as Telent installs new request to stop technology

Passengers at remote rail stations on the Far North Line in Scotland will soon wave goodbye to years of hand-signalling train drivers if they wish to board the train, with a new ‘request to stop’ system deployed by critical infrastructure firm Telent.

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News Operating Systems

IGEL & LG distributor, Getech, makes strategic shift to AVD capitalizing on IGEL OS-powered LG thin client desktops

UK, Reading. February 28, 2022 – IGEL, provider of the next gen edge OS for cloud workspaces, announces today that Getech has selected its endpoint software running on LG Cloud Device thin client devices as part of a company-wide strategic shift to cloud desktop virtualisation and update of ageing desktop hardware. This is a notable […]

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News Tech Thought Leadership

Why senior management needs to make cloud backup a priority

Written by Justin Augat, Vice President of Marketing at iland and 11:11 Systems At work and at home, backup is critical. From making photocopies of significant documents to digitising old family photos, relying on hard drives to replicating servers, we all know that it’s important to have multiple copies of the information that matters to our […]

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News NHS News

Kinetik Wellbeing working with NHS’s Monitor My Health to provide at-home blood test kits

Redhill, UK, 28th February 2022: Kinetik Wellbeing, the UK company helping people to take control of their health, has joined with Monitor My Health to provide blood test kits to empower individuals to better monitor their health at home. Monitor My Health is a not-for-profit venture launched by the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation […]

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5G to Accelerate 5G and Edge deployment and management at MWC#2022

5G and edge deployment will receive a boost from cloud-native technology being demonstrated at this year’s Mobile World Congress. and industry-leading partners aim to demonstrate to customers live use cases and future-ready stack on the new capabilities of 5G and Edge.

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Carbon Reduction News

New data reveals two-thirds of surveyed small businesses concerned over navigating climate action

First of its kind survey of businesses from UN-backed SME Climate Hub shows that small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) need additional resources and guidance to reduce carbon emissions. New survey reveals half of small businesses calculate emissions, and 60% have plans to reduce carbon impact. However, two-thirds of small business owners worried they don’t have […]

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Why cloud adoption requires an organisation-wide culture change

Written by Justin Augat, Vice President of Marketing at iland, an 11:11 Systems Company In the space of a year, society has transformed beyond recognition because of COVID-19 and cloud-first for most organisations is now an imperative. To this point, by the end of 2021, 67% of all enterprise infrastructure will be cloud-based. But what does […]

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