Zngly Announces Partnership with Legerity to Transform Its Customer Engagement

DUBLIN, IRELAND, March 9th 2022– Zngly – the no-code media platform for the creation, management and measurement of content marketing and client engagement – today announces its partnership with Legerity, to transform and streamline the way content is used by its sales and marketing teams to drive higher levels of prospect and customer engagement.

The experience of remote work and the growth of hybrid sales tactics has forced marketing and sales teams to get creative with how they deliver consistent and personalised campaigns across numerous channels. McKinsey recently found B2B customers now defer to 10 distinct channels as part of their “decision journey”, which has doubled since 2016. B2B marketers have responded by ramping up complexity and commissioning more blogs, podcasts, webinars and thought leadership, with nowhere to house them.

Headquartered in London, Legerity provides FastPost, an ultra-high performance Accounting Rules Platform that is changing how Insurance, Banking, and Telco firms think about their back-office processes. With a wealth of content targeted towards different markets, Zngly has enabled Legerity to categorise sales and marketing collateral into easy-to-find and targeted campaigns. With in-built personalisation tools, salespeople can cut through the noise and communicate directly with their intended leads.

On this partnership Mike Richardson, Marketing Manager, Legerity says: “A core focus for Legerity is to continuously improve the experience we offer our potential customers. As an early-adopter and user of Zngly, we have been able to complete, streamline, and transform the way our content is used by both the sales and marketing teams. The ability to curate existing and newer content has allowed us to personalise our outreach to individual prospects directly. Our new resources section has seen a 200% increase in a dwell time and a pleasing decrease in our bounce rate.”

On this announcement, Mike Wilson, CEO & Founder of Zngly comments: “In a world where B2B buyers are so overwhelmed with content, Zngly allows businesses to cut through this noise and reduce the complexity of traditional content marketing. As a fast-growth business, with a wealth of content, such as explainer videos, webinars, videos etc., Legerity required a way to bring this content to life. The intuitive curation tools that are built into the Zngly platform, have given Legerity the power to supercharge its content marketing efforts in a simple yet powerful way.”

Click here to see Legerity in action with Zngly: https://platform.zngly.com/content/legerity-tv/?content=clients-partners, or to find out how Zngly can solve the challenges for your business, visit https://www.zngly.com.

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