YugabyteDB Managed Introduces Product Labs Experience for Immersive Distributed SQL Learning

Yugabyte, the modern transactional database company, today announced the release of YugabyteDB Managed Product Labs, a new quick-start, in-product learning experience to shorten time to productivity with the database. Yugabyte also expanded the availability of YugabyteDB Managed multi-region clusters to 21 global Microsoft Azure regions.

With the new YugabyteDB Managed Product Labs, developers can quickly familiarize themselves with the rich capabilities of the database by exploring key features of YugabyteDB through real-world applications running on live YugabyteDB clusters. Product Labs continues Yugabyte’s ongoing investment in learning and enablement of distributed transactional databases. In addition to providing extensive self-service documentation, Yugabyte offers Yugabyte University, an education programme featuring a variety of  instructor-led and on-demand courses to teach YugabyteDB fundamentals, development, and administration in a variety of ways that suit you best. To date, Yugabyte University has helped over 16,000 new users expand their skills.

Many organisations are going global and discovering that they must minimize their application and database latency to provide seamless and consistent experiences to users across the world. The first YugabyteDB Managed Product Labs experience focuses on helping users minimize application latency for global applications.

With YugabyteDB Managed Product Labs customers can quickly and easily explore and evolve deployments ranging from a single-region deployment, to multi-region clusters with read replicas, to multi-region clusters partitioned by geographical region. Additionally, the built-in Query X-ray feature allows users to evaluate query latency and execution time during global operations across Asia Pacific, the US, and Europe. Users can also use the built-in Cloud Shell to interact with the live YugabyteDB clusters powering the labs.

The Product Labs release, along with YugabyteDB Managed’s expansion to 21 Microsoft Azure regions, helps organisations to effectively architect robust, distributed, global applications.

Increasing Customer Demand for Geo-Distribution and Global Availability

Several YugabyteDB Managed customer stories recently published in Yugabyte’s 7-in-7 customer series demonstrate how important geo-partitioning and a globally available DBaaS are to modern companies. For example, an emerging healthtech company uses YugabyteDB Managed to power a geo-distributed application that must operate seamlessly across countries and regions and safeguard sensitive data for healthcare professionals.

Scout24, a leading digital real estate marketplace that delivers its ‘Kotao’ management system to hospitality and restaurants, sought a distributed database that met their global needs. Nico Miebach of Scout24 shared his thoughts on this search: “In our quest for the perfect database solution, we thoroughly evaluated other players in the market like CockroachDB, ScyllaDB, MongoDB, Planetscale, and SurrealDB. YugabyteDB Managed stood out with its unparalleled Postgres compatibility and distributed architecture, ticking all our boxes. This was particularly crucial for us in handling ACID transactions within our financial payment systems.”

YugabyteDB Managed Celebrates 150%+ Year-over-Year Ramp

Yugabyte celebrated the two-year anniversary of YugabyteDB Managed this month with the release of Product Labs. Fueled by strong customer demand for high availability, on-demand scalability, and simplified operations, YugabyteDB Managed has seen tremendous growth over the past year.

This fully-managed YugabyteDB-as-a-Service offering experienced a 166% year-over-year increase in monthly active users. The platform’s thriving community attracted well over 10,000 new sign-ups, with curious users experimenting with over 10,000 sandbox clusters to explore YugabyteDB’s features.

The platform efficiently manages over 225% more clusters than the previous year. Underscoring its reliability, YugabyteDB Managed maintains 100% database uptime, complemented by 99.99% uptime in its control plane, evidencing its commitment to high availability and robust service.

“As YugabyteDB Managed marks its two-year anniversary, we are proud to introduce Product Labs, a pivotal step in our journey towards enabling businesses to build and manage geo-distributed applications more efficiently,” said Karthik Ranganathan, Co-Founder and CTO of Yugabyte. “This launch and our expansion into 21 Azure regions highlights our commitment to supporting the evolving needs of companies building global applications.”



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