Videobot powers Celebrity Softball Classic to boost fan engagement and veterans’ charity donations using state-of-the-art video marketing

Celebrity Softball Classic unites professional athletes, musicians, actors from film & television, and other celebrities to raise money for veterans, first responders, and their families. For the first time, the event’s website has used the latest short-form video chatbot marketing technology from Videobot to deliver more engaging, immersive, and human experiences for fans and visitors to help boost ticket sales and charitable donations.

The latest video marketing technology from Finnish startup Videobot is being used to raise awareness and engagement for the annual Celebrity Softball Classic 2023, which will take place at Riders Field in Frisco, Texas on November 4th. The event aims to raise over $150,000 for more than ten veterans’ charities, including Helping a Hero, Save the Brave, and Heart of a Lion. It is estimated that the event will be joined by 12,000–15,000 attendees, with many more watching the event streamed live online. The event is organized for the sixth time annually.

Veterans typically suffer from a variety of health issues after their serving time, including heart and musculoskeletal ailments, brain injuries, cancers, Parkinson’s disease, and different types of mental illnesses, causing depression that can lead to self-harming behavior – even suicide.

“My brother was killed in Grenada in 1983. Ever since then, it’s been my life mission to help veterans and their families to cope with loss and health issues following service,” says Kiran “Raj” RajBhandary, President of Verve Systems LLC.

With video format now comprising 80% of internet traffic, sports events and charity organizations are increasingly turning to short-form video to boost fan engagement and provide more immersive online experiences for fans and event attendees. Celebrity Softball Classic has partnered with Videobot to put event organizers together with musician, actress, and event ambassador Jennifer Nickerson to the forefront of website visitors’ experience to provide information about the event and its impacts. The new way of engaging with the audience will drive ticket sales, and promote opportunities for donations.

“We are extremely excited about this year’s event – we have an amazing lineup of celebrities and great sponsors helping us create awareness about our country’s heroes and their families. The Celebrity Softball Classic is an incredible co-ed event that brings professional athletes, musicians, actors from film & television, reality television stars, celebrity veterans, fitness models, and many more together for one night of competition and fun to raise money for veterans’ services,” says Verve CEO, Tim “TK” Klund. “We wanted to include video because that’s what people want – after long years of people being stopped from seeing each other due to the pandemic, people are yearning for interaction with other human beings.”

The celebrity lineup for the game includes Ryan Klesco (MLB), Eric Nelsen (actor/1883 Yellowstone prequel), Derek Holland (MLB), Craig James (NFL), Chef Andre Rush (White House Chef), Bonner Bolton (PBR/Model), Marty Turco (NHL), Brooke Ence (Actor), Aaron Copeland (Musician), Kevin Lawson (actor/tiktok star), Matt West (PBR), Bonnie-Jill Laflin (Sports broadcaster), Raquel Pennington (UFC), JP Gauna (actor / 1883 Yellowstone prequel) and many, many others.

“We are very grateful for the chance to help Verve in organizing the event that collects money for a greater cause. Having interactive videos with real people engaging with the website visitors has been proven to create more results for organizations, so we hope that with a little help from Videobot, Celebrity Softball Classic can create more awareness and raise more money for the organizations that support veterans,” says Matias Mäenpää, CEO and co-founder of Videobot.

Celebrity Softball Classic is organized by Verve Systems LLC, co-founded by USAF Veteran Tim “TK” Klund, CEO and Kiran “Raj” RajBhandary, President. Tim “TK” Klund is regarded as an industry leading “Relationship Specialist” in the world of corporate and sports marketing, and was previously on the Advisory Board of The Lone Survivor Foundation. Verve President Kiran “Raj” RajBhandary, who lost his brother in Grenada, is a Gold Star Family Member. He has provided branding and marketing services to The Gary Sinise Foundation, Boeing, Ford, Harley-Davidson, Disney, and DirecTV, among others.

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