The average British business loses £4.9MILLION per year to broken business process

The figure comes after 1400 UK firms went bust in September 2021 alone due to coronavirus pressures

  • £4.9 MILLION wasted every year for the average British company due to inefficient business process
  • The research worryingly suggests leadership teams are responsible for this lack of attention to process, and nearly half (47%) of IT decision makers cite a lack of time as the reason that business processes are not being mapped out
  • Just 15% of IT decision makers know the name of the person/people in their company dedicated to business processes
  • Businesses are projected to spend $1,009.8 billion globally on digital transformation by 2025 as a response to the pandemic
  • Signavio CEO urges leaders to invest in process mapping to ensure losses aren’t detrimental to business survival

New research reveals a worrying outlook for British businesses, with the average company losing an estimated £4.9MILLION every year due to inefficiencies caused by a lack of process.

The data – published by SAP Signavio, the leaders in Business Process Intelligence – uncovers a worrying pattern of behaviour. Of the 200 IT decision makers surveyed, just 21% admitted that the business processes they are responsible for are mapped out and formally documented or written down. Even worse, only 19% say that the processes they are responsible for have been saved in an accessible central repository.

The figure comes as businesses globally are projected to spend $1,009.8 billion on digital transformation by 2025 as a response to the pandemic.

Nearly half (47%) of IT decision makers cite a lack of time as the reason for business processes not being mapped out and formally written down, and 33% say their business doesn’t value process at all.

The research points to leadership teams as the source for this lack of attention to process. Of those surveyed, 23% of IT decision makers believe that leadership teams have ineffectively mapped out and formally documented the supporting business processes and 28% believe it is due to a lack of senior support altogether. Other issues brought forward included a concerning lack of technical skills in the IT team (36%) and a lack of employee engagement and internal champions (28%).

For a fundamentally central role, just 15% of IT decision makers actually know the name of the person or teams in their company dedicated to business processes and nearly a third (27%) say their company doesn’t have anyone in their team dedicated to business processes at all. Of those who know of the team or individual in the role, 40% of say that they report directly to the CEO.

There is good news. In response to the pandemic, nearly three quarters (71%) of IT decision makers remarkably believed that when COVID-19 hit, their organisation was ready to adapt its systems and processes to cope. Plus, a staggering 76% of those surveyed believe that their organisation is interested in improving its business processes.

Speaking on the research, Dr Gero Decker, General Manager SAP Business Process Intelligence and Co-founder of Signavio comments: “This data is a worrying example of what has been happening across industries for far too long. We are in an era of hyper digitisation and constant transformation. Therefore, regardless of the industry we’re talking about, analysing the way the business works is crucial to understanding what must change. Losses like this for businesses across the UK are a huge blow and are likely to continue if changes are not made. The more we pile automation onto broken processes, the harder it will be to fix the damage done.

“The fact that 75% of those surveyed say their organisations do have sights set on improving business processes is a hugely positive sign. The appetite is there, it’s all about the commitment and the execution to make it happen”.

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