Tech Web3 Bootcamp launches with $250k of prizes on offer

Norfolk based Tech Educators adds another “first of its kind” to the region as the East of England ramps up capabilities to support in creating “the future of the internet.”

ChainShot – one of just three web3 bootcamps endorsed by blockchain technology juggernaught Ethereum, have agreed a first of its kind licensing agreement with Norwich based Tech Educators. The intensive in person bootcamps will allow developers to learn to code on blockchains such as Ethereum and Polygon. Like many companies in tech, developers that can write in this language are in huge demand.

Throughout the course, individuals who will already have a good level of expertise in coding with JavaScript, will gain a wide range of understanding in web3 development; from cryptography basics, through to writing smart contracts and building decentralised apps. Registering interest for the ChainShot bootcamp is as simple as contacting the team through the Tech Educators website.

The global cryptocurrency market has amassed a market cap of over £1.6T leading to many calling it “the future of the internet” or web3. The East of England has already attracted a raft of recent web3 investments from some of the most notable names in the space including The Ethereum Foundation, Polygon, Unlock Protocol as well as Premier League Norwich City announcing Scallop as a new primary partner. Working with these partners, ETHAnglia – a community dedicated to furthering the understanding and adoption of web3 in the region –  will sponsor places on the upcoming Tech Educators bootcamps, meaning developers can join the £2,500 course for free. Those with the best ideas that attend the course will have a chance for

Aman Pandy, Developer Evangelist at Polygon stated Since engaging with the team at ETHAnglia and Tech Educators, we have been completely on board with the approach of putting the community at the heart of what they want to achieve. Polygon were created to scale the adoption and usability of web3 and this aligns perfectly with what the teams are hoping to achieve. We look forward to continuing to support the team and the community. ” 

James Adams, one of the founding members of ETHAnglia explained: “The whole premise of ETHAnglia is that we are community driven, and the community was already here, weve just been able to mobilise it. When you look at the projects that have roots here, when you see the investment made by the biggest names in web3, we have to be optimistic as a community we can make the East of England a real hub for future innovation.”

East Anglia is already home to an incredible amount of web3 projects through creators and contributors, these include:

Games Vault – An ETHGlobal Hackathon winner with six award wins under their belt already. Games Vault solves the problem of high publishing fees offered by the current incumbents and lack of true digital game ownership by allowing owners to trade games once they have finished with them.

Toucan Protocol – Toucan’s infrastructure brings programmable carbon to Web3, unlocking its potential for a regenerative economy. The Toucan Bridge connects the voluntary carbon market to Web3. For each credit bridged, one Tokenized CO2 token is minted. TCO2s are semi-fungible, retain valuable metadata, and can be pooled for max liquidity.

Unlock Protocol – Unlock give access to token gated content in a platform agnostic manner. Allowing content creators to retain ownership of their content and communities to purchase and sell their access in a way that suits them.

Moo-DS – Moo-DS is a collection of one-off cows cosplaying as celebrities, plants and objects. Whilst a nod to generative art made famous by now ubiquitous projects such a Bored Apes Yacht Club, Moo-DS offers a hand created, locally inspired twist on the classic web3 project.

Sensory Perception Exploration: Continued – Norwich based artist Jake Andrews brings a collection of sensory expressionist, synesthetic sound portraits and live paintings from exhibitions/events. Available as original paintings, NFT’s and a collection of both, Jake’s art has found itself in exhibitions throughout the country and beyond.

The ChainShot web3 course will begin on the 21st March running until the 8th of April, with a week break, followed by a final week on the 18th – 22nd April. As part of their submission of a final project, the attendees will be able to submit their ideas to global hackathon ETHAmsterdam, where a total of $250,000 of prizes are available for the best ideas. The course will be taught by Tim Smith, Course Director at Tech Educators and have support from developers and contributors from ChainShot, Polygon and Unlock Protocol. Candidates will also benefit from free access to the course through the support of ETHAnglia, The Ethereum Foundation, Polygon and Unlock Protocol.


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