Strategic Partners Perforce Software and Microsoft, in Collaboration With GitHub, Announce New Gaming Initiatives

To Help Game Creators Spend Less Time Setting Up and Managing Their Pipeline, Perforce Software Debuts New Game Development Virtual Machine with Microsoft as well as Helix Core Actions with GitHub

MINNEAPOLIS, March 23, 2022 – Perforce Software, a provider of versioning and collaboration tools across the software development lifecycle, together with Microsoft and GitHub, launches new game development initiatives at the Game Developers Conference 2022.

Building a great game requires time to bring a vision to life. But too often teams spend more time setting up their environment and building their CI/CD pipeline, rather than innovating. Together, strategic partners Perforce Software and Microsoft, in collaboration with GitHub, are removing these challenges by providing automation and preconfigured virtual machines so studios can get to work fast.

The new GitHub Actions authored by Perforce allow studios to automate their build process so they can iterate faster and test more. Using Perforce Helix Core Actions saves creators time that would have been spent managing and performing repetitive manual processes, allowing them to become more agile in the cloud.

Brad Hart, CTO at Perforce says, “These new Actions will help automate and orchestrate game development pipelines ensuring a studio’s team can focus on more creative and important aspects of game creation.”

In addition to the release of the Perforce Helix Core Actions, the Perforce team is pleased to announce their participation in the Microsoft Azure Game Development Virtual Machine (VM). The Game Development VM is a collection of industry leading game development software — including Perforce clients — deployed on Azure via a click-to-start template.

The VM quickly spins up pre-built workstations in the cloud for faster remote development, making it easier for teams of all sizes and skills to produce games remotely. When combined with the Enhanced Studio Pack by Perforce, teams get the necessary infrastructure to build great games on Azure.

“Any game creator big or small, can get started in the cloud quickly and easily with the best tools for the job using Microsoft’s Game Development VM. We are honored to be included in this set of necessary tools for game development,” Hart says.

These gaming initiatives, coupled with the latest offering from Perforce — Helix DAM now available in beta — reinforce Perforce Software’s commitment to empowering teams so they can build great games.

Learn more about additional information on the partnership between Perforce, Microsoft, and GitHub here:

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