Startup Investor Accelerator names six finalists to compete for $110,000 angel investment

The Startup Investor Accelerator has unveiled the six companies selected for the final round of its Trans-Atlantic startup competition.

Developing innovative technologies in agriculture, healthcare, nutrition, construction, ecommerce and packaging, these finalists reflect the angel fund’s appetite for sustainable, impact-focused ventures with potential to become the global companies of tomorrow. The startups hail from Canada, Israel, the UK, the US, Luxembourg and Spain. 

The Startup Investor Accelerator was launched in 2021 by partners at Mossy Ventures, with the goal of developing more effective angels and helping startups strengthen their investor appeal. It is modelled on the Seattle Angel Conference, Mossy Ventures’ original learning-by-doing investment programme. Over each three-month startup competition, companies progress through several rounds of pitching and discussion, whilst angels follow a structured evaluation and investment process. Since 2012, the organisation has enabled over 500 angels across North America and Europe to invest in 40+ companies.

Astghik Zakharyan, country manager at the Startup Investor Accelerator, said: “There’s a huge gap between the number of new companies seeking funding, and the amount of finance available. So many experts across all industries are interested in sharing their knowledge, connections and finances with startups, but don’t know where to get started. Our mission is to provide the tools and methodology for angels and startups alike to navigate the investment process with confidence. It’s a pleasure to watch their growth throughout the programme, and we wish our finalists the very best of luck.”

“The Trans-Atlantic Angel Conference programme is a combination of startup competition, acceleration and investment process. At every stage we’ve pitched, we’ve received loads of questions and feedback from a diverse group of investors. At S.Lab, we like to be challenged with new perspectives; this leads to valuable discussions within our team where we can turn perceived risks and doubts into opportunities for growth,” said Julia Bialetska, founder and CEO at S.Lab. “With up to 25 investors taking part, founders are sure to hear new opinions and points of view on their businesses. It’s been an excellent opportunity to network with potential investors and understand their thinking, what they’re looking for and what’s important to them. We’re incredibly excited to progress to the due diligence phase and to pitch at demo day.”

The six finalists are:

  • Bovi – autonomous logistics for specialty crops, eliminating strenuous tasks for orchard workers by transforming standard tractors into labour-saving machines 
  • EyeKnow AI – automatically detecting aggression and violence between caregivers and the helpless using a blend of computer vision, AI, and CCTV footage
  • Gaston – AI-powered food personalisation app allowing users to find and order foods that match their dietary and nutritional requirements
  • ipHaus – a new way to build sustainable, affordable housing with modular panels that make construction 50% faster
  • MachineryScanner – one-stop online marketplace and review system for heavy equipment and trucks
  • S.Lab – disrupting the $13 billion polystyrene market with packaging made from hemp and mycelium (mushroom root).

The Trans-Atlantic Angel Conference demo day is open for all to attend and will be held online at 14:00 GMT on 1st December 2022. Founders will pitch to the wider community, investors will share findings from the due diligence process, and winners of the $110,000 investment and ‘audience favourite’ vote will be announced.

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