Star Micronics launches MCW10 Wireless LAN module

High Wycombe, UK, 23 February 2022 International POS printer manufacturer Star Micronics announces the launch of its MCW10 module that plugs directly into Star POS printers to enable printing over wireless LAN. Currently designed for Star’s mC-Print™ series it fits neatly in the back of the mC-Print3, or externally on the mC-Print2, to provide a compact wireless LAN solution that supports the new WPA3 standard for wireless printer communication.

As retail and hospitality markets diversify, the need for a range of connectivity options takes on greater importance. By deploying the MCW10 retailers can benefit from robust in-store wireless communication, while in hospitality environments the module supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with 5GHz being resistant to the interference of radio waves generated by microwave ovens to provide a safe and effective wireless LAN solution.

Once the mC-Print printer is connected via wired LAN and USB to the module, users can quickly and easily benefit from wireless printer communication thanks to the Star Quick Setup Utility. Moreover, no additional printer integration is necessary by software providers. Featuring an LED display along with Ethernet and USB cables provided in the box, the MCW10 offers a cost-effective plug and play multi-port wireless LAN solution that allows two printers or other devices to be connected at the same time.

As Simon Martin, Director & General Manager, Star Micronics EMEA, states: “The Star MCW10 module simply enhances the versatility of the mC-Print™ series by providing additional wireless printer communication. This meets the demands of retail and hospitality environments in which a variety of connectivity options including wireless technologies is increasingly required.”

The MCW10 Wireless LAN module is available in EU countries and selected non-EU countries.

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