One Million UK Mobile Numbers Activated by x-Mobility

Three UK’s largest CPaaS enabler continues growth

London, 7th June, 2022: x-Mobility (, a leading provider to the CPaaS sector and the pioneers of the digital MVNO, has today announced that it has supplied its one millionth UK mobile number.

Thanks to its long partnership with Three UK, x-Mobility is one of the leading providers of UK mobile numbers to the CPaaS sector. All the numbers x-Mobility provides are powered by Three UK and are enabled for voice and SMS as well as being fully portable in and out via x-Mobility’s MNP partner, Syniverse.

“Our longstanding – and continually expanding – partnership with Three is working well for both parties and it is through the strength of that partnership that we can hit this one million milestone,” said Shanks Kulam, co-founder of x-Mobility.

The millionth UK mobile number activated by x-Mobility is now being used by a customer of the AppVNO provider, Vyke.

Vyke ( is a calling and messaging app that provides role-based mobile communication through offering multiple different mobile numbers, including international numbers, on your existing handset. Using Vyke customers can get a different phone number for each part of their lives: home, work, going abroad, socialising or to just keep their personal number private.

The UK mobile numbers that x-Mobility’s has activated have so far helped to power AppVNO businesses, such as Vyke, that offer voice services, as well those offering business messaging, providing 2FA for apps or a whole range of other CPaaS use cases.

Current predictions show that x-Mobility is on track to reach the milestone of two million UK mobile numbers activated within the next 18 to 24 months.

“As the CPaaS and A2P markets continue their strong growth, so do we. We are working with the leading and most innovative players in the sector, from the sector’s unicorns through to specialised A2P service providers,” continued Kulam. “We will continue to support our partners as they work with their clients to set up new and innovative voice, business messaging and A2P monetisation services.”

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