iET Solutions adds artificial intelligence into its IT service management suite, iET® ITSM

New release of iET® Enterprise Technology platform includes AI to optimize ITSM processes and enhanced security features

ASCHHEIM, GERMANY, July 13, 2022 – iET Solutions, a division of UNICOM® Global, which offers comprehensive, high-performance solutions for IT service management (ITSM) and software asset management (SAM), has introduced new artificial intelligence (AI) functionality in the latest version of its iET® Enterprise Technology platform, enabling customers to optimize their existing iET® ITSM applications. The new release also provides enhanced cyber security, with support for two-factor authentication and the adoption of secure ‘salted’ passwords which are harder for hackers to crack.

AI in IT service management

iET Solutions has included a number of pre-built AI models that provide insights organizations can use – without any AI expertise – to increase the efficiency of their service management processes, as well as an open API that lets customers also run their own existing AI models.

One iET® ITSM AI model predicts whether incoming service desk incidents are likely to be resolved in time or will exceed timeframes specified within service level agreements (SLAs). Service desk users are automatically notified, allowing them to take remedial action to fast-track incident resolution and avoid financial penalties for overshooting SLA targets.

Another pre-built AI model uses machine learning to accurately forecast the number of incidents, problems and changes that are likely to occur at any given time on any day of the year. This allows organizations to identify the optimal times for scheduling major changes to IT infrastructure to avoid disruption to business users. Service desk managers can also use these AI-supported forecasts to plan team shift patterns and ensure that the right number of staff are available to handle the predicted workload.

End users also benefit from AI in self-service. For example, when they search the knowledge base, content on similar topics is suggested to them, and recommendations are displayed when they order products.

Carsten Owerfeldt, Head of Development at iET Solutions, said, “AI has the power to help organizations deliver a better user experience and make their processes more efficient. We are committed to helping our customers embrace its potential. The new AI models we have included in our solution make it easy for them to get started. And those who have already created their own models can integrate them with our open API. Moreover, customer-specific AI models can be trained and deployed with our software. And importantly, for privacy and data-sensitive organizations, the AI engine can be hosted on-premises. No data used by the AI models ever needs to leave the security of the data center.”

Two-factor authentication and enforced ‘salted’ passwords

For extra security, the new release provides enhanced protection against cyber attacks for users of the iET® ITSM suite. Customers have the option to adopt two-factor authentication to control user access. With this, users who want to log in to iET® ITSM must enter their password followed by a unique 6-digit code they will receive via the Google Authenticator app they will need to install on their phones. Organizations can decide whether to activate two-factor authentication for all end users, deactivate it or only use it for certain user groups.

Further security is provided by enforcing the use of ‘salted’ passwords. These are highly secure because a secret string of characters – unknown to users – is added to each password before being hashed and stored.

Responsiveness and ease of use

The iET® ITSM suite offers a simplified, intuitive user experience with the most important information directly at the user’s fingertips. Forms have been streamlined, providing a clean and clutter-free view, while allowing staff members to access additional detail at the click of a button. Responsiveness to users has been further improved by implementing WebSockets to optimize the loading of forms.

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