Cyanite announces new renowned investors for their music AI technology

New investment round fuels Cyanite’s goal to develop universal intelligence that understands, connects, and recommends the world’s music

Cyanite, a tech company with various solutions in AI-powered music tagging and search, has closed an investment round with leading entrepreneurs from the music and technology industries. The goal is to sustain the company’s vision of universal music intelligence to revolutionise how music is selected in entertainment and advertising.

German music AI startup Cyanite has closed an € 800,000 seed round to further expand its AI-based solution for the music industry. The investment round was led by former finetunes founders Oke Göttlich and Henning Thieß. Other experienced music and tech experts, such as Michael Shmilov (former COO of Viber), Patrick Joest (former EVP Global Content Partnerships & Sync at BMG), as well as Lars Ettrup (CEO and co-founder of Linkfire) support the round with their deep market expertise.

In addition, family office Lioncorn Capital and other tech business angels (Daniel Kondermann, Oliver Lesche, Andrea Kranzer, Edmund Ahrend) invested in this round. The round builds on earlier investments in which BWM GmbH also participated.

The investors support Cyanite’s vision to provide the entertainment and advertising industries with an AI-powered universal music intelligence capable of finding the objectively appropriate music for any desired emotional target – be it for advertising, movies, podcasts or playlists.

At a time when competitors such as Musimap, Musiio and Musicube have been acquired by larger companies, Cyanite continues to actively pursue its ambitious vision and multiple solutions for the music industry.

Cyanite was launched in 2019 with the purpose of connecting everyone with the right music at the right time. The AI is used by different leading music rights holders, music tech companies and brand agencies to gain deeper insights and understanding about individual songs. Cyanite makes it easy for them to take control of their repertoire by offering intuitive AI solutions that provide better ways to sort, search, and match songs.

Markus Schwarzer, CEO, Cyanite, said: “The investment demonstrates the excitement in the worlds of music and technology about our objective of making it possible for any input – be it keywords, sounds, free text, or images – to be understood by AI and translated into music.

“Our investors recognise that we are closing in on our goal, and that trust shows us that we are in the right place at the right time. At this time when competing companies are being bought out, we’re excited to continue our journey towards creating a universal intelligence that understands, indexes and recommends the world’s music.”

Investment round leader Oke Göttlich, former finetunes founder, said: “I am excited to be a part of Cyanite’s future. They have the right team and a strong plan for the future that has the potential to shape the music recommendation of tomorrow.

More announcements are expected from Cyanite in the coming months, as the company makes further steps towards its goal.

About Cyanite

Cyanite helps music companies to turn their catalogues into their own personal Spotify – powering music libraries with the simplicity, visibility, and functionality to perform how they and their users expect them to.

From its offices located in Berlin and Mannheim, Cyanite builds powerful AI-based analysis and recommendation solutions to efficiently tag and search music. This enables music, entertainment and advertising companies to quickly and cost-effectively deliver the right songs for their customers’ search queries.

Cyanite supports some of the most renowned and innovative players in the music and advertising industry via API or no code solutions. Among the music companies using Cyanite are the production music libraries APM Music and Far Music (RTL), the radio station SWR, the music publishers Nettwerk, NEUBAU Music and Schubert Music, and the sound branding agencies amp sound branding, Universal Music Solutions, and Human Worldwide. 

Cyanite’s vision is to become the universal intelligence that understands, connects and recommends the world’s music – an intelligence that can translate music into anything and anything into music.

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