UK manufacturer offers valuable resource tool to boost customers’ business as part of website launch

Stephenson, a world-leading manufacturer of solid format bases and natural ingredients for the personal care sector, has unveiled a fully interactive learning and support resource for customers as part of its new website.

The suite of valuable information is aimed at distributors in the personal care industry, designed specifically to provide an extension to their own individual business offerings, allowing access to resources not previously available.

Customers can freely use a variety of online facilities ranging from technical documents and a comprehensive knowledge centre.

The online facility is thought to be the first resource of its kind available to businesses in the lucrative global personal care market, estimated to be worth $422.72 billion and expected to reach $558.12 billion by 2026.

The functionality of the customer marketing hub includes access to all professional product and lifestyle imagery and product usage videos together with training, education, and insight guides on all Stephenson products, markets, and opportunities. The knowledge centre grants instant access to business-enhancing information, including product recipes, detailed guide books, and common FAQs with the plan to add industry news, trends and marketing intelligence in the future.

The new website features a revised filtering system designed for customers to easily ‘filter’ through Stephenson’s extensive product range to identify exactly what they are searching for to meet their own end-product criteria. The improved navigation tool makes for a better overall user experience, greatly boosting search speed and accuracy.

The past 12 months have been a period of growth for Stephenson, despite challenging economic conditions brought about by the global pandemic, Brexit and the current situation in Ukraine. The business has focused heavily on customer experience, while ensuring availability of products and minimised delivery interruptions, which helped to exceed strategic business goals and targets.

Commented Timothy Pulleyn, marketing manager at Stephenson: “The new website has been developed following extensive research with customers around the world to provide a resource-packed facility that is much more than just a product information tool. This has led to the creation of a platform that greatly enhances the service we provide to our customers, saving time creating their own content. The overall aim is to provide an extension to their own business by presenting valuable resources to help support and educate our customers’ own core business offerings.

“Consolidating relationships with customers and partners across the globe remains a key consideration for the business. The valuable suite of customer marketing resources now available as part of the new website is a natural extension of this.”

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Pictured: Earlier this year, Stephenson launched Syndopour 200-MB, a revolutionary melt and pour syndet base and another first for the personal care sector.

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