TripActions selected to modernise Unilever’s global travel program

TripActions, the all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense management solution, today announced that it has been selected by Fortune 500 company Unilever to modernize and optimize the corporation’s global travel program. The global provider of consumer goods, which houses more than 400 brand names in more than 190 countries, adds to TripActions’ Europe-based enterprise customer wins, including Heineken in the Netherlands, SumUp in the United Kingdom, Nilfisk in Denmark, and Primark in Ireland.

Headquartered in London and with 148,000 employees in 77 countries worldwide, Unilever sought a new partner for global corporate travel after determining that its existing solution was not a future fit for its workforce or model of work.

Unilever’s Employee Experience team envisioned a future fit digital travel program that empowered employees to self-serve everyday travel with just a few clicks, making life simpler for travelers and creating meaningful and personalized experiences. Unilever’s goals additionally included increasing sustainability efforts to achieve net zero emissions and a +90% platform adoption rate to reduce manual tasks and increase work efficiency.

After a year-long process that evaluated other travel management companies, Unilever decided on TripActions to support its future-fit vision for travel management and technology. The future-fit program—the core belief underpinning Unilever’s approach to help employees thrive and adapt to the impact of evolving technologies and ways of working—demands technology partners that align with Unilever’s vision to empower employees to take control of their working lives.

“Unilever is committed to ensuring that our employees are empowered with the right technology and lean processes that help them to thrive in this highly digital future of work,” says Mithlesh Singh, Global Travel Process, EX & Transformation Manager at Unilever.

Key drivers for Unilever’s selection process included several areas in which TripActions specializes:

  • Automated workflows
  • Adaptability
  • A cost-efficient operating model
  • An elevated user experience
  • User awareness on CO2 Impact to make every travel purposeful
  • Mobile-first platform

“Innovative companies like Unilever understand that the future of work is a digital-first user experience that actually helps employees do their jobs better and more efficiently,” says TripActions co-founder and CEO, Ariel Cohen. “We are thrilled to be the travel program of choice for Unilever and look forward to a long-standing, successful partnership.”

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