TIBCO Launches Cloud EBX

TIBCO has announced the release of TIBCO Cloud™ EBX®, an innovative, powerful Master Data Management (MDM) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. TIBCO Cloud EBX enables users to manage corporate data from anywhere, including master data, reference data, and metadata. As a SaaS offering, EBX now delivers self-service access of cloud-native MDM capabilities to customers for faster, smarter implementation. The solution is part of TIBCO Cloud™ Passport, a new consumption-based pricing plan, which enables flexible FinOps (financial operations) and access to all TIBCO SaaS capabilities under a single model. This allows companies to quickly scale their MDM needs without operational complexity.

Now part of the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud, EBX shares a single point of access to TIBCO’s innovative suite of products, accelerating the customer data management journey. This includes award-winning iPaaS capabilities for data integration, along with robust analytics that empower all users to extract key insights from any data across all domains. These services offer TIBCO Cloud EBX users centralised user management, regional availability, scalability, and robust security services from an ISO 27001-certified platform.

“The growing number of enterprise applications hosted in the cloud has opened the data flood gates, and organisations are struggling to keep up with managing data. There is also a clear need for better data management and compliance across environments, especially data in the cloud,” said Mark Palmer, senior vice president, engineering, TIBCO. “TIBCO Cloud EBX offers our customers a holistic and trusted view of all of their data, delivering an MDM SaaS solution with embedded access to industry-leading visual analytics, data science workbench, and model operationalisation capabilities through TIBCO Cloud.”

A centrepiece of TIBCO’s Agile Data Fabric blueprint, TIBCO Cloud EBX is a one-stop shop for managing data, delivered in an agile, low-code/no-code platform that speeds time-to-market and accelerates business outcomes, while managing risk and compliance. Core features now delivered as-a-service in TIBCO Cloud EBX include:


  • Agility Through Model-Driven Design: Implementing an agile, model-driven process for data management enables organisations to start small and adapt over time. Active data governance helps users securely manage and track updates to their data via guided workflow, while robust data lifecycle management allows users to easily manage past, present, and future versions of master data.
  • Ability to Manage Every Data Domain: TIBCO Cloud EBX delivers a cloud-native, multi-domain MDM solution across master, reference, and metadata in a single offering. Robust hierarchy management includes all types of hierarchies and any number of alternate hierarchies, which helps provide a critical and holistic understanding of data relationships. Smart match-and-merge functionality makes it easier than ever to configure match rules, create enhanced golden data records, simplify data stewardship, and preserve data lineage. Lastly, advanced search and query supports easy-to-use search capabilities for all users across their data, using a powerful built-in query language.
  • Fast Integration and Access to All Data: Enhancements enable organisations to effortlessly import or export bulk data and support integration patterns with APIs for REST and SOAP. Finally, businesses can accelerate time-to-value by unlocking distributed on-premises, cloud, and hybrid cloud data, no matter where it resides, and delivering that data to wherever it’s needed.
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