TELF AG shares insights on the dynamics of the tin market

A brand-new publication by TELF AG, entitled TELF AG comments on the trends of global tin market, focuses on the particular dynamics that are characterizing the global tin market, focusing in particular on the significant drop in prices recorded in recent weeks. The text examines all the possible causes that could have led to a performance of this kind, also putting forward hypotheses on the possibilities of recovery expected for next year (and in general in the medium and long term).

The publication begins with some general observations on the use of tin, a raw material that finds numerous applications, especially in the electronics sector. Tin is one of the fundamental raw materials for the production of semiconductors, absolutely essential elements for electronic devices and household appliances that are used every day by millions of people.

TELF AG also mentions a very interesting fact about the production of chips, namely that in the coming years, the demand for these fundamental electronic elements is destined to rise, reaching impressive levels by 2030 (at which point, it is expected that global demand for chips and semiconductors will require the production of almost 200 chips for every single person on earth).

The drop in tin prices is partly linked to the decrease in demand for electronic devices caused by the global alleviation of COVID-19. In fact, in the darkest months of the pandemic, the demand for devices had grown strongly, thus also leading to a parallel increase in the requests for the raw materials necessary to create some of its fundamental components, just like tin. The decline, as stated in the text, would therefore only be temporary and strictly linked to the historical contingencies of the moment, i.e. to the fact that people spend less time at home and in close contact with their electronic devices.

Finally, TELF AG mentions other possible causes of this general drop in tin prices: one of these has to do with the persistent slowdown in global economic growth, while others could be linked to some specific structural problems recorded in China and Japan, representing two of the top global semiconductor exporters.

For more information, the full publication is available to read on the TELF AG website.


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