Scout24 Selects YugabyteDB to Upscale Global Hospitality Management System with Global Distribution and High Availability

Upscale Global Hospitality Management System with Global Distribution and High Availability

London, UK., February 6th, 2024 – Yugabyte, the distributed PostgreSQL database company for cloud native applications, has announced that Scout24 selected YugabyteDB to serve the growing demands and expanding customer base of its new service for the hotel and restaurant management market, named “Kotao”. Scout24 is a leading digital real estate company and operates ImmoScout24, the online marketplace for digital property marketing and search.

Scout24’s strategic decision to use Yugabyte’s fully-managed DBaaS offering was driven by the need for multi-region resilience and PostgreSQL compatibility. These are key requirements to position Scout24 at the forefront of the global digital hospitality and real estate revolution. Yugabyte’s globally distributed database also delivers lightning-fast query performance and native data residency to ensure seamless and secure guest services.

For its new Kotao application, Scout24 chose to transition away from AWS Aurora to fully-managed YugabyteDB in order to expand their geographic reach with a multi-regional deployment across Europe, Asia and the US. The move allowed them to increase the application’s resilience and availability.

Nico Miebach of Scout24 commented, “In our rigorous search for the perfect database solution, we thoroughly evaluated several other major players in the market. YugabyteDB stood out with its unparalleled PostgreSQL compatibility and distributed architecture, ticking all our boxes. This was particularly crucial for us in handling ACID transactions within our financial payment systems.”

YugabyteDB’s fully-managed DBaaS offering delivers low latency and built-in resilience across multiple cloud regions and availability zones. These are important features for Scout24, which they were unable to achieve with their existing AWS Aurora deployment.

Martin Gaffney, Yugabyte Vice President, EMEA, said, “This is a significant customer initiative for Yugabyte in Europe and beyond.  We are delighted to be working in close partnership with Scout24 to deliver a distributed database that meets its global needs, and which helps solidify its position as the premium digital hospitality and real estate business.”

Scout24 selected YugabyteDB in a competitive bid, due to its:

  • Multi-region deployment across Europe, Asia Pacific and the US.


  • Data locality to specific geographies for low-latency, data residence-compliant operations across countries, including Germany, Spain, France, UAE, Thailand, and Singapore.


  • High availability and exceptional resilience spanning multiple cloud regions and availability zones to provide a seamless user experience.


  • PostgreSQL compatibility for smooth integration with existing applications. YugabyteDB’s advanced PostgreSQL compatibility was essential, especially considering Kotao’s API services were primarily written in Rust.


  • Transactional database capabilities for  efficient, consistent, and correct data handling, which is critical for the financial payment systems within the application.


  • Horizontal scalability which caters to the many facets of hospitality management, from bookings to point-of-sale transactions, as the database needs to scale to meet demand, without compromising performance.


Scout24’s new system is scheduled to go live in Q2 2024.