S. Property Group announces agreements with smart urban infrastructure partners; Three Sweden, Vattenfall, and Samsung with its ABB partnership in collaboration to build smart community in Sweden



S. Property Group announces agreements with smart urban infrastructure partners; Three Sweden, Vattenfall, and Samsung with its ABB partnership in collaboration to build smart community in Sweden

The Stockholm-based real estate development company, S. Property Group, today announced that it has reached agreements with three smart infrastructure providers: Vattenfall and Three Sweden, and announced a definitive agreement with Samsung Electronics. The parties are jointly arranged to realize the promise of tomorrow’s smart and sustainable urban environments, and through an existing partnership between Samsung Electronics and ABB will deliver the very latest in smart home technologies. In 2022, S. Property Group will begin implementation of its first smart urban infrastructure project at the Brobyholm development, a planned exurb community conveniently located 38 minutes by commuter train from Stockholm’s Central Station.

When S. Property Group acquired the undeveloped Brobyholm land in 2021, it recognized an ideal opportunity to invest in smart urban infrastructure, mainly connectivity and energy. The company subsequently signed letters of intent, as well as a definitive agreement, with major industrial and deep tech players. Samsung Electronics, Three Sweden and Vattenfall will join forces with S. Property Group to build Brobyholm’s foundational digital infrastructure. The effort aims to provide the future residents of the exurb community with services and functionality that enable a more sustainable, comfortable, and meaningful life.

“The Brobyholm development will leverage cutting-edge technology and innovations that enhance people’s lives and reduce our reliance on precious planetary resources. But Brobyholm isn’t just about tech or building a futuristic society. It’s about the life that tech makes possible. Making more time for family, friends, and meaningful pursuits. This is the life Brobyholm will offer – just a short commute from Stockholm,” said Keyvan Houshmand, CEO of S. Property Group.

The operator Three Sweden will be responsible for connectivity, and the utility Vattenfall will be managing energy supply. Three Sweden will build a 5G network enabling digital experiences. Vattenfall will develop solutions enabling the Brobyholm community to produce solar energy and to store and share energy efficiently.

“Our vision is to set people free by providing fast and reliable wireless mobile connectivity. 5G is the next generation of mobile connectivity that provides great services with very high speeds and low latency. Brobyholm is a good example of future proofing and new thinking. We are looking forward to working with S. Property Group and its partners in this pioneering project,” says Haval van Drumpt, CEO at Three Sweden.

“Vattenfall has a clear goal to enable fossil free living within one generation. The cooperation and the upcoming new community are exciting steps forward in our ambition and to create flexible, future-forward fossil-free complete solutions like solar panels, storage and charging solutions. We’re delighted to team with S. Property Group and its partners to bring sustainable energy solutions to the Brobyholm development,” says Maria Juhlin-Hoff, Director of Decentral Energy Solutions Nordics at Vattenfall.

The Brobyholm project is the first project to demonstrate the holistic technology partnership between Samsung Electronics and ABB in Europe. By connecting Samsung Electronics’ SmartThings application with ABB-free@home® and integrating the joint technologies with Brobyholm’s own property management systems, this combined solution will enable residents to save energy and money whilst also reducing their carbon footprint and managing devices and functionalities in their home through a single source.

“Buildings and construction consume more than 30 percent of the world’s energy and generate nearly 40 percent of global CO2 emissions,” says Mark Zwerner, Vice President Global Strategic Partnerships, ABB Electrification’s Smart Buildings Division. “By far the biggest impact we can have is through the development and deployment of innovative technologies for energy management, energy consumption and carbon emissions reduction while at the same time increasing the comfort and ease of use through a holistic smart home system. This applies not only to a single flat, or single house level, but for the whole community.”

“With SmartThings, Samsung has created an eco-system of smart appliances making homes smarter and more efficient. We are excited to build on that by partnering with ABB and S. Property Group to expand the SmartThings experience to new customers making it easier for them to reduce costs and environmental impact,” says Emre Evinc, Global Director, IoT SmartThings at Samsung Electronics.

“At Samsung, we want consumers to be able to access everything tech offers in every facet of their lives. The benefit of a smart home technology is in its customization and how every resident can set up a connected system to make their life better,” says Murtaza Bukhari, GM – Strategic Enterprise Partnerships Samsung Electronics UK and Europe. “We are partnering with S. Property Group because they embrace IoT and innovation as part of property development – but also because they continuously have sustainability in mind. This project is a good example of how they strive to futureproof buildings with the help of innovation and technology.”

Work on the first phase of the Brobyholm smart infrastructure project is slated to begin in fall 2022.

For more information, please visit www.brobyholm.se


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