Revealed: The Cost of Uninsured Healthcare in the USA

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While UK citizens enjoy free healthcare, it is not the same throughout the world.

In places where there is no free or low cost healthcare, insurance is a must – to illustrate the kind of costs that uninsured patients face, has collated a list of the estimated costs of some typical medical services along with their costs when visiting a hospital, taking a test, undergoing surgery, or falling ill for those without insurance. Among the costs explored were, for example:

The cost of emergency care

An ambulance will start at $400 but could end up costing more than $1,200+.

The cost of an emergency room visit ranges from between $150 and $20,000+.The cost of emergency care ranges from $80 up to $500+. Finally, the cost of an air ambulance could set a patient back $2,000 or even increase to $200,000+.

The cost of uninsured common tests:

An MRI scan will cost from $500 up to $7,850+ and a blood test comes in at $40 but this can increase to more than $3,000. A cholesterol test at a walk-in clinic can cost between $50 to $130+ and $40 to $75+ for an at-home kit. An X-ray can end up costing between $200 and $3,000+ or more, depending on the circumstances.

The cost to have uninsured surgery:

Coronary artery bypass works out as the most expensive at a minimum of $21,500 up to a colossal $254,000 or more. Emergency appendectomy costs between $1,800 and $82,000 or more. Gallbladder removal costs between $8,000 and up to $54,000. A hysterectomy starts at $8,700 but can increase to $40,000+.

Cataract surgery costs between $330 and $12,000. This is the same as the uppermost cost of a tonsillectomy, where the lowest prices are a more manageable $790.

The cost of uninsured family planning:

For those requiring prenatal care, a monthly visit can end up costing between $100 and $2,000+. For those going into labor and requiring assistance delivering their baby, this can cost between $2,700 and $40,100.

Surgery for a cesarean section costs between $10,600 and $50,500+. A postpartum check-up costs between $100 and $3,100+. Birth complications can cost $3,000+ per day. The average length of stay in the NICU is 20 days, which means a potential cost of $60,000+ bill.

President of International Citizens Insurance, Joe Cronin said: “There is increasing emphasis on how expensive healthcare can be in the USA for those who don’t possess health insurance.

“This is why we wanted to create awareness on the importance of health insurance and explore the prices of different healthcare costs.”


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