Pocket Box Launches SME Fleet Software Solution to Simplify Driver and Vehicle Management

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Pocket Box, the vehicle and driver management software specialist, has launched an SME fleet solution that promises a simple way to maintain compliance, reduce risk and save time and money. The web-and app-based management tool is designed to streamline fleet-related tasks and processes to ensure vehicles are kept road legal and safe, while staff are fit and eligible to drive.


“Our aim is to deliver a dynamic, powerful and easy-to-use software solution that takes the hassle out of running a fleet of vehicles,” explains Jim Finnegan, Founder and CEO of Pocket Box Ltd. “Many SME fleets still rely on spreadsheet-and paper-based processes, which is causing an unnecessary headache to fleet managers, admin staff and drivers. Pocket Box Fleet takes away this operational pain, ultimately helping businesses to improve efficiency, productivity, compliance and safety.”


Pocket Box Fleet’s dashboard and notification system combines at-a-glance visibility with simple navigation and seamless task management. By bringing together all essential vehicle and driver records – plus supporting documentation – in a single system, it is possible to keep on top on key renewal dates, quickly access electronic audit trails, and ensure a fleet is operating legally.

Reminders and alerts use traffic light colour-coding to prioritise the most important tasks and draw attention to potential vehicle or driver issues. This means a fleet manager or administrator can be kept aware of all vehicle servicing or maintenance requirements, as well as any imminent MOT, tax and insurance expiration dates. Licence details can also be monitored alongside a wide range of driver data such as accident records, training requirements, driving offences and medical issues.

Meanwhile, the Pocket Box app – suitable for any Apple or Android smartphone – enables drivers to electronically complete daily walkaround checks; report vehicle related issues; take photographs of damages and defects; and capture mileage data. It also includes a declaration form, so employees can confirm they are fit to drive and have not consumed unsafe levels of alcohol the previous day. All information is uploaded to the web-based software to support highly effective vehicle, driver and fuel management.


“We have created a flexible system that is highly customisable, scalable and affordable to meet the precise needs of SME fleets. By automating processes and storing critical data electronically, Pocket Box Fleet dramatically reduces workload, cuts costs and eliminates human error, while keeping drivers safe, a business compliant and vehicles on the road. Our development roadmap will result in additional functionality over the coming months, as well as integration with complementary fleet technologies and applications,” adds Finnegan.


Pocket Box is a cloud-and app-based software company that has developed a comprehensive eco-system for the consumer motoring, automotive, fleet and road transport sectors. The feature-rich eco-system is designed for ease-of-use and to support multiple integrations with third-party technology partners, enabling Pocket Box to deliver advanced vehicle and driver management solutions.

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