Online Grocery: Making Business Matter launches Free Whitepaper on the emerging Rapid Grocery market

In an era of technology and ecommerce, Online Grocery has been around for some time even prior to the pandemic, with online ordering, home delivery slots and Click+Collect. An increase in popularity, consumer demand and consumer expectations sees the rise of Rapid Grocery, with services such as Getir, DoorDash, Gorillas, and Tesco Whoosh becoming more prevalent.

Rapid Grocery creates a whole new market: The 10-minute delivery.

Soft skills training provider Making Business Matter has compiled an in-depth Online Grocery Report for commercial professionals, which is freely available for download now.

The Online Grocery Report aims to enable readers to:

  • Learn more about the new era of grocery retail.
  • Talk credibly about the Rapid Grocery market.
  • See how the world’s market share breaks down across the globe.
  • Explore the online performance of the market players.
  • Understand some basics of SEO to know the battleground.
  • Share opinions on how the future looks.

Foreword of the Report is from the MD of Arla Foods UK, Ash Amirahmadi

“Technology-led disruption has been a key trend in the UK grocery sector and rapid delivery has been both an exciting and important development. Understanding the dynamics, and building awareness and knowledge are key for industry professionals. This report is the definitive guide and therefore I am delighted to support its publication.

Having worked with and known the team at Making Business Matter for a number of years I have been impressed with one of their core values of building capability in the grocery sector. They have consistently focussed on easy to understanding content and giving back to the industry, with which they are deeply passionate.

This publication is a must-read document for commercial professionals who are looking to develop their strategy for rapid delivery”.

The 70-page report is now available and covers everything from a detailed understanding and overview of Rapid Grocery, real-life examples, the global market, online performance and much more.


Download the report at

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