Omron expands DC Power Relay Portfolio for green and sustainable systems

Omron Electronic Components Europe has extended its family of DC power relays with the introduction of the G9EC-X1, a compact relay, offering switching up to 1000V, 150A DC loads. The new device is ideal for green and sustainable systems.

Applications for the new Omron G9EC include DC safety shutdown for fast chargers, as well as rapid shutdown junction boxes, commercial or industrial PV Inverters. Switching and driving sections are gas-injected and hermetically sealed, allowing these compact relays to interrupt high-capacity loads. The sealed construction also requires no arc space, saving space, and helping to ensure safe applications.

The new relay is identical in size to the standard G9EC model, just 98 x 44 x 86.7 mm (L x W x H). It carries approval to UL/CSA standard UL508. Operational life is rated at 1,000 operations at 1kV DC / 150A, 6,000 operations at 1kV / 100A, and 3,000 operations at 400V DC / 200A.

The contact resistance within the relay is less than 0.5 Ω, reducing heat generation inside the component. As a result, the device can stand a continuous carry current of 200A at 85°C is possible. Dielectric strength is specified as 4000V AC between coil and contact as well as between contacts of the same polarity.

About OMRON Electronic Components Europe
On 1 April 2022, OMRON Corporation announced that its’ Electromechanical Components (EMC) division was renamed as OMRON Device and Module Solutions (DMS) in line with the global long-term vision „Shaping the Future 2030.”

OMRON Electronic Components Europe is the European subsidiary of the Device and Module Solutions division. The revised division name reflects a new focus on delivering solutions to customers globally and in Europe. Society is facing new social and environmental changes, and OMRON recognises and is responding to that. The company aims to offer its’ customers solutions that help them address these universal challenges. In accordance with the long-term strategy, OMRON intends to contribute further to the roll-out of new energy sources and of high-speed communications by enabling the creation of sturdier, advanced and more efficient devices. These devices will make people’s lives easier and better, in particular by achieving carbon neutrality, realizing a digital society and extending healthy life expectancy.

OMRON Electronic Components Europe strongly supports its customers in Western and Eastern Europe through 8 regional offices, a network of local offices and partnerships with specialist, local, regional and global distributors.

About OMRON Corporation
OMRON Corporation is a global leader in the field of automation based on its core technology of “Sensing & Control + Think.” OMRON’s business fields cover a broad spectrum, ranging from industrial automation and electronic components to social infrastructure systems, healthcare, and environmental solutions. Established in 1933, OMRON has about 30,000 employees worldwide, working to provide products and services in around 120 countries and regions. For more information, please visit


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