NEOMA Business School’s ‘Master in Management’ programme enhanced by new international network

The start of the 2022-2023 academic year will see the continued development of NEOMA Business School’s Master in Management (MiM) programme. This will be enhanced by the growth of its international network by 18 new universities.

The French business school is currently linked with 390 higher education institutions in 58 countries, 88 percent of whom are accredited partners. The school is broadening its network following analysis of the most desired destinations to study among its current students.

Among the universities to join the network are HEC Montréal, University of Pretoria, and Universidad de Monterrey.

The expansion in places to study is accompanied by six new double degrees offered as part of the Master in Management (MiM) programme. Students will have the option to learn at MCI Innsbrück in Austria, University of Limerick in Ireland, and Elon University in the US, among others.

The MiM will also feature a new Sustainable Transformation curriculum path, including a “Global 2 in Corporate & Social Responsibility” track which provides students with two exchange semesters at two universities recognised for their CSR expertise.

Those on the MiM programme will also benefit from enriched career and wellbeing services.

NEOMA will integrate key career building experiences into the MiM through the introduction of mandatory credits, and career guidance will be provided throughout the programme for all students for up to 300 hours over three years.

NEOMA also plans to accompany its course expansions by adding two new tools to its Wellness Centre, which is now active on the school’s three campuses.

D-Stress on demand offers virtual reality workshops to help students overcome fears that can interfere with their learning and social life, such as a fear of air travel or public speaking.

Feel good on demand makes interactive online modules available to students 24/7 and covers various aspects of wellbeing including sport, nutrition, personal development, and more.

The strategic dimension of student well-being is at the heart of the lessons we learned from the pandemic“, emphasises Delphine Manceau, Dean of NEOMA Business School. “It remains a reality even after the crisis has subsided“.

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