Multicore research from Collins, Lynx, Rapita and BSC wins Best Paper Award at ERTS 2022

Lynx Software Technologies (Lynx), the leader in delivering solutions for the Mission Critical Edge, today announced that a paper presented by Collins Aerospace, Rapita Systems, Lynx and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center received a best paper award at ERTS 2022.

The paper, entitled “MASTECS Multicore Timing Analysis on an Avionics Vehicle Management Computer” covered a methodology for multicore timing analysis developed within the MASTECS project to support the use of multicore processors in avionics applications. 3AF and SEE presented it with the Best Paper Award in the category “Embedded computing platforms and networked systems.”

Commenting Ian Ferguson, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, at Lynx, said “This project is a highly significant endeavour in which Lynx is working alongside key industry partners to address technical challenges to the benefit of the wider avionics industry. The goal of this paper was to share some of the knowledge that the team have gained so far, and we are delighted that its quality and significance has been recognised.”

The paper was authored by Rau´l de la Cruz and Philip Harris of Collins Aerospace Applied Research & Technology, Ireland; Samuel R. Thompson and Christos Evripidou of Rapita Systems Ltd., UK; Tim Loveless of Lynx Software Technologies, UK and Juan M. Reina, Mikel Fernandez, Enrico Mezzetti and Francisco J. Cazorla of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain. ERTS 2022 is a highly regarded Embedded Real Time Systems conference organised by 3AF Midi-Pyrénées: the French Society of Aeronautic and Aerospace and SEE: the French Society for Electricity, Electronics, and Information & Communication Technologies.

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