Mapp Continues Strong Growth In First Half of 2022

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Mapp benefits from rising demand for support in multichannel marketing across all industries


Mapp, the international leading provider of insight-led customer experiences, has today announced strong financial growth in the first half of 2022, increasing business from newly acquired customers by 23% year-on-year. Cross-selling revenues have also more than doubled to 105% year-on-year in 2022.


Mapp continues to grow from increased interest in delivering personalised customer experiences through actionable customer insights. Mapp solutions, which enable marketing optimisation and greater levels of efficiency, are also proving popular with both new and existing customers from various industries across the globe.


In the first half of the year, big brands were acquired and relationships with existing customers were significantly expanded with brands including LloydsPharmacy, West Ham, PBSL and Sensilab in the UK and Imperial Fashion in Italy. In Germany, new customers include Morawa, Optiopay, and Koffer-Kopf.


Mapp’s dynamic business development underpins the company’s positioning as one of the largest independent marketing cloud solutions for medium-sized and enterprise-level companies. Companies from all industries are looking for independent and, above all, cookie-free marketing alternatives, where Mapp has an impressive track-record as a strong partner.


In the past six months, Mapp was also able to establish several strategically important partnerships with other agencies including Paase, Pushon, Alpenite, Connexia, Storeis, ProWeb and Shaw Scott.


Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp, comments on the positive first half-year: “The commitment of each and every one of our employees has once again led to the fantastic results we’ve seen this year. Today’s fast-moving market needs marketing intelligence based on first-party customer data while ensuring data-protection compliance. At the same time, cost and marketing efficiency are important now more than ever. For these reasons, both our new and existing customers are increasingly using the entire Mapp Cloud to benefit their businesses”


Mapp Cloud and its capabilities can be easily integrated into existing MarTech stacks and combined with a wide variety of third-party systems. Data is exchanged and consolidated flexibly via APIs. Mapp Cloud also has an integrated Customer Data Platform (CDP) at its core This allows data to be bundled and used across multiple channels for unified customer profiles, to enable a personalised and targeted reach. The Mapp Intelligence customer analytics module is designed to unlock the full potential of first-party data for successful marketing campaigns by providing actionable insights. The cross-channel marketing component Mapp Engage makes it possible to address customers as needed via email, direct mail, push message, SMS or web and to automate the entire customer journey.


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