Joyned and TravelUp join forces to supercharge travel booking with new global partnership

Award-winning travel tech start-up Joyned has announced a new partnership with TravelUp, the UK’s leading travel arrangements company offering flights, hotels, and package holidays worldwide. Joyned’s social booking solution ‘Joyned Booking’ is now available to TravelUp visitors across the globe, playing a crucial role in enhancing the travel experience for its customers.

Joyned Booking enables people to invite friends and family to a travel website to discuss and book group trips together. By putting the power back into the hands of the vendor, every offering on their website creates a micro social network that is private, organic, and collaborative.

Joyned Booking has now been implemented within TravelUp’s hotel booking and package holidays verticals, with future plans to deploy the software onto its flight-only vertical. As well as improving engagement and conversion, it provides partners with data-driven insights to optimize their offers and increase retention. With the assistance of the team at Joyned, TravelUp is creating a seamless user experience for its visitors.

In an era where social verification holds immense importance, the need for travel sites to engage consumers effectively has never been more important, explains Craig Ashford, Chief Commercial Officer at TravelUp, who chose to partner with Joyned due to their advanced technology and unique market proposition.

“Joyned Booking brings a social feel to the TravelUp experience, allowing consumers to share holiday, hotel, and flight options with those that they are traveling with or simply with friends and family of whom they highly value their opinion, facilitating direct endorsements from connected peers,” Craig comments.

By implementing Joyned Booking for groups, travel sites like TravelUp can typically enjoy a higher conversion rate of 10% and an increase in overall website revenue. In addition, they can utilize secure and encrypted data on sentiment analysis, price perception, and mapping of the group booking customer buying journey. All this gives them the opportunity to further enrich their offering by making tailored offers and promotions a possibility.

Commenting on the partnership, Jonathan Abraham, CEO of Joyned, added: “We’re thrilled that TravelUp’s forward-thinking team has recognized Joyned as leading innovators in social commerce for travel and have decided to embark on this journey with us. This collaboration makes our social booking solution available to more travelers around the world as we strive to bring our partners an unparalleled opportunity to streamline their operations, improve customer service, and redefine the travel booking experience.”

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