FullCircl Launches HMRC Import & Export Data Extension to Further Boost FSI Due Diligence and Improve Support for Customers Trading Internationally

London, 7th July 2022: FullCircl, the Customer Lifecycle Intelligence (CLI) platform that helps B2B companies in financially regulated industries do better business faster, has launched its latest Premium Data Extension (PDE). The new HMRC Import and Export Data Pack allows users to understand which of their customers are trading internationally – critical for KYC, AML, and continuous due diligence monitoring, as well as identifying opportunities to support customers and cross-sell products and services.

The risk of trade-based money laundering, regulatory non-compliance, and international sanctions breaches is growing rapidly and becoming ever more complex to navigate. The FullCircl HMRC Import and Export PDE allows banks, insurance businesses, and FSIs to search for a specific line item by description or code, and filter between import and export data to gain a deeper insight into the international trading activities of their commercial customers.

Commenting on this feature release, Shazia Anthony, Senior Product Marketing Manager at FullCircl, commented:

“The HMRC Import and Export data pack is a highly valuable addition to our existing suite of premium data extensions, which includes Adverse Director Histories, CCJs, legal notices, and US and Ireland country specific data. PDE’s form an integral part of FullCircl’s ability to help our users onboard customers faster and keep them for life by simultaneously identifying and mitigating risks sooner and creating opportunities to differentiate in terms of high-value account management through tailored propositions, at scale.”

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