Emex hires former KPMG and WSP sustainability veteran as investment in senior team continues

Award-winning sustainable development professional, Daniel Gribbin, joins ESG technology provider, Emex, to help businesses more effectively measure and manage their ongoing sustainability and ESG practices.

7th March 2022, Dubai – Leading ESG technology provider Emex has appointed Daniel Gribbin to its global leadership team as VP Sustainability and ESG.

Emex’s ongoing investment in senior talent is part of its ambitious plans to expand global market presence and offer more innovative solutions to key business decision makers.

Reporting to Chief Executive Officer Richard Wall, Gribbin will lead Emex’s global sustainability team – from Dubai – in a bid to create a more innovative, customer focused and automated sustainability and ESG (environmental, social and governance) reporting system for businesses.

Gribbin’s role is to help businesses across the globe navigate their individual regions and align their practices with their governments’ requirements and increasing shareholder demand for better ESG information. He also aims to provide a more holistic overview about what the impacts mean for a business and how to quantify these impacts into tangible metrics that allow them to make and create meaningful change in the societies and communities in which they operate.

A corporate sustainability stalwart, Daniel Gribbin previously worked in the climate change and sustainability team at KPMG Australia, before later moving on to lead the corporate sustainability advisory team at KPMG and WSP in the Middle East.

He brings 13 years of expertise across the Middle East, Australia, the Netherlands and Chile. In 2021, Daniel was ranked as one of the Top 20 sustainable MENA real estate professionals in the Middle East by City Scape Mena and has been a keynote speaker at several significant global events. This includes the recent world expo held in Dubai, Expo 2020, as part of the World Majlis series.

With a goal to make businesses more socially conscious, Gribbin said: “The chance to do something impactful in the tech-space is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the way that the world is moving with a push for increased transparency in the ESG space cannot be undersold.

“The opportunity to work for Emex, where we enable companies to measure their ESG, HSE and sustainability performance and help them to make tangible change over time was one which I could not pass up.

“The increased number of reporting frameworks and demands from the GRI to the Sustainability Account Standards Board (SASB) through to the TCFN and the TCND and even onto individual stock market disclosure requirements are making this topic seem increasingly daunting when it should be getting easier. That is the problem we at Emex are trying to solve so that customers can focus on what they do best, run their business.

“We help businesses analyse their sustainable impacts to support targeted stakeholder and investor needs, while having a positive impact on the world around us. Being able to measure it, is the first step in being able to appropriately manage it.”

Richard Wall, CEO at Emex, said: “The only way to achieve true change is to ensure we’re measuring the right things and then that we’re measuring them accurately. We have a mission to make ESG and sustainability reporting less fluffy. Using technology in the right ways can help create the winning formula for a net positive impact and enhance customer, stakeholder and investor engagement.

“Daniel’s wealth of experience will help our customers and consulting partners to attain a more robust account of their sustainability performance. By ensuring that the right metrics are measured and the appropriate frameworks are leveraged, the Emex platform is at the forefront of global developments and evolving customer needs in this rapidly changing sustainability landscape.”

Daniel Gribbin’s appointment follows a string of new global hires as part of Emex’s ambitious expansion plans – including VP Engineering Michael Lazor, APAC & MENA CEO Sarah Saha, CRO Rich Waller, and CMO Hugh Allspaugh. Emex plans to grow its global team by more than 150 people by the end 2022.

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