Companies urged to transfer software development out of Russia & and support Ukraine

Unusual initiative from software development agencies set to help western companies secure their projects and… support Ukrainian refugees.

A number of companies have stopped working with their development centers in Russia after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Many critical projects have been suddenly put on hold and it is unclear how and where they will continue.

Every day, the scenario of continuing work in Russian software development centers seems less and less likely. On one hand, tools and infrastructure providers are withdrawing their services from the Russian market. On the other – the Russian government is blocking services critical to delivering many IT projects, causing harm to the market worth over 3,4 bn Russian rubles.

Polish software development agencies have gathered under Pledge4Ukraine to encourage companies to move their projects to Poland. They offer support and declare that 10% of revenue from every project transferred from Russia will be donated to help support Ukrainian refugees.

“Western companies do not want to support Putin’s regime anymore. Now, they are facing the huge challenge of transferring their development centers out of Russia. We want to help them manage this process. – says Matt Kurleto, CEO of Neoteric, the initiators of the initiative.

“We will pick up the existing software deliverables, assess their state, create a new delivery plan, form a software team, and start the work ASAP.

10% of revenue from every project transferred from Russia will be donated to Cash4refugee – the initiative that aims to enable refugees to manage their cash safely and independently by providing them with multi-currency pre-paid cards with a personal, secure account that can be refilled at any time.

Matt continues:

“From the perspective of the companies we help, it’s a win-win situation. They secure their projects, and we make sure that the money they would spend anyway will go to those who need it in these difficult times.”

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