World-first platform details frequency of all diseases in the UK – creating a new era for global health information analysis

A turning point for global health information analysis – marking a significant milestone in the journey towards enhanced public health information. Epidemiological analysis empowering more effective treatment strategies, public health initiatives and preventative measures. In […]


Secretary of State for Wales visits the Cardiff-based Jellagen hub driving revolutionary regenerative treatments

The Secretary of State for Wales, the Rt Hon David TC Davies MP, yesterday visited the South Wales-based headquarters of Jellagen – the Cardiff-founded biotech company that is leading the world in revolutionary regenerative medicine, […]

Cleaning & Facilities Management

Unique eco vapour-phase technology being used in sanitary and PPE disposal units across the globe

An innovative anti-viral and anti-bacterial PPE and sanitary waste bin liner developed in the UK has become the first of its kind to be launched worldwide, maintaining hygienic facilities across the globe and ultimately protecting […]