Book Releases

New Book “The Presentation Playbook” Explores the Art of Crafting and Delivering Impactful Presentations

Research shows that 70% of people say presentation skills are critical for career success. However, surveys also typically indicate that as many as 75% of people fear public speaking. Crafting and delivering a presentation can […]

Book Releases

New book Gaming for Good showcases how the gaming community could help to solve the world’s greatest problems

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Annual 2023 Global Climate Report, 2023 was the warmest year since global records began. In the same year, the number of people playing games increased by 4.21%, […]


Teetotaller and co-founder of Social Chain, Dom McGregor puts pen to paper about booze in new book

Leading content creator also tells Status Update podcast that influencers need to forge deeper relationships with fewer brands Entrepreneur, content creator, co-founder of Social Chain and mental health campaigner Dom McGregor is adding another title […]