Careers Unleashed: The new book for unlocking your career potential

In a 2022 survey, a staggering 60% of respondents admitted to feeling emotionally detached at work due to a lack of career fulfillment. This alarming statistic underscores a pervasive sentiment where individuals often find themselves waiting for external forces or mere luck to shape their career trajectories. But why do so many remain passive in the face of dissatisfaction? The answer lies in their reluctance to take ownership of their careers, accompanied by a lack of guidance on how to navigate this journey. Consequently, many find themselves unfulfilled and sometimes sleepwalking through their professional lives.

In his new book Careers Unleashed: Unlock Your Potential for Extraordinary Career Success, Asad Husain offers a compelling solution. To thrive in today’s dynamic professional landscape, Husain contends that individuals must cultivate a blend of self-awareness, a winning mindset, critical career strategies and career-building power skills. This multi-faceted approach empowers individuals not only to overcome today’s pressing business challenges but also to remain relevant in the ever-evolving world of work.

Asad is a four-time head of HR with over thirty-one years of experience, contributing to organizational growth and individual success for employees in blue chip companies like the Gillette company, Proctor & Gamble and Del Monte. His varied experience, guidance from many good leaders, and his continuous desire to learn and grow have enabled him to learn the art of building a successful career and unlocking potential.

Asad breaks down his book into easy-to-digest sections that guides the reader in creating an authentic roadmap to a successful and fulfilling career. He posits the idea that no matter what career you choose, anyone has the capability to maximize their career potential by taking ownership of their career. Asad importantly explains that careers impact every aspect of our lives, so by taking ownership, there will be visible change in both professional and personal environments.

Careers Unleashed is a must read for anyone feeling unfulfilled in their job, whether that is a recent graduate who has little career direction, or people who are returning to the working world after a period of retirement or anyone else in between. Asad provides advice on how to understand goals, passions and guiding values. It was written for those who feel that they want to make a difference in this world through their work and careers.

Careers Unleashed is published by Rethink Press and available on Amazon.

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