Businesses need to address inadequate health and wellbeing support to reflect hybrid working, says insurance expert

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This World Mental Health Day, Towergate Insurance Brokers is calling for health and wellbeing support in businesses to evolve to address the 45% of workers now hybrid working.

Louis Britton, Employee Benefits Consultant at Towergate Insurance Brokers, wants businesses to acknowledge the changing nature of the workplace and how that affects the delivery of health and wellbeing support. Louise said: “After the pandemic, many businesses have changed the way that they work, moving away from the traditional workplace and into either a hybrid or completely remote structure.

“Without the daily office environment, there is no hub for the delivery of health and wellbeing support; we’ve moved away from noticeboards in the kitchen and businesses must update the way they communicate in order to continue to support their employees.

“Digital interaction is often the best solution as it reaches the entire team in almost any setting. Communicating the benefits available via email or intranet content is a way for all to be aware of the support, and that support can also be offered digitally via video calls or an app, so that availability is not an issue.

“Employers must also be sure to keep the support relevant to their workforce, and not to lose touch with their team’s wants and needs. Recent research by Towergate Health and Protection suggests that employers are missing the mark with their health and wellbeing support, concentrating on social wellbeing when mental health support is the most wanted.

“One of the biggest issues with hybrid working is in ensuring employees still feel valued and are well looked after. With many who are home-based missing the social interaction of the office whilst those who are mostly back to their original workplace feel they may be missing out by not being at home, each team is unique and the health and wellbeing support must reflect that. Health and wellbeing support can actually be enhanced by hybrid working, but only if it is delivered effectively and communicated regularly.”

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