‘Bubble Experts’ Pioneering Simple Science Demonstrate Cost Savings And Eco Benefits Of Innovative Carbonation Ingredient

Drinks manufacturers from across the globe will discover how to cut costs and maximise production efficiency by taking a ‘back to basics’ approach when CO2Sustain, showcases its ground-breaking low-cost, food grade safe ingredient at this year’s drinktec exhibition.

CO2Sustain, a UK manufacturing business that specialises in keeping carbonated drinks fizzier for longer, will demonstrate its carbonation aid CO2Sustain® to some of the world’s leading drinks brands and manufacturers in Munich, this September. CO2 Sustain® allows manufacturers to make as much as 10 – 15% more beverages using the same amount of CO2.

With CO2 Sustain® added to beverage formulations, microbubbles retain their size meaning that gas release is much better controlled. Less CO2 is required during the manufacturing and bottling processes enabling more beverage to be produced without using as much CO2, preserving valuable stocks of the gas as shortages continue.  Adding the simple solution-based ingredient to the beverage offers manufacturers and brands the ability to retain and extend carbonation, giving longer lasting fizzy drinks.

A South African beverage manufacturer noticed a four-week difference in shelf life between its product containing CO2 Sustain® versus without. During the testing phase, the manufacturer found the drink normally lasted about 12 weeks, but with CO2Sustain’s help, fizziness was maintained for a total of 16 weeks.

Crucially, it also proactively aids the process of ‘light weighting’ a technique that aims to drastically reduce plastic consumption in the beverage industry. This is a feature that has become significantly more relevant especially in the UK where a new Plastic Packaging Tax has been introduced.

CO2Sustain is widely recognised as one of the beverage industry’s leading innovators. From its UK manufacturing base, the team of technical innovations chemists works with drinks brands and manufacturers across four continents and is active in 23 countries across Europe, the United States and Latin America, India, Africa and the Middle East.

Jonathan Stott, general manager at CO2Sustain commented: “CO2 Sustain® was created as a simple, low-cost way to support the beverage industry to overcome loss of carbonation, one of its biggest problems, and improve the consumer experience, but this doesn’t simply stop with taste and mouthfeel. We want to support sustainability innovation and provide drinks brands with extra capacity to find the best planet-friendly solutions, helping them to meet or exceed their environmental targets and reduce production costs at the same time.

“Attending a global exhibition like drinktec provides us with a prime opportunity to demonstrate how we can make a huge difference to global drinks production with CO2 Sustain®. To address the issue of carbonation loss in drinks, our team of bubble scientists pioneered innovative bubble encapsulation technology to retain carbon dioxide and simply stop it escaping as quickly retaining it in the liquid and making drinks fizzier for longer. This means beverage businesses are free to produce drinks that use less plastic whilst maintaining the carbonation shelf life standard. With no impact on taste or appearance, our groundbreaking non-silicone processing aid has the potential to contribute to massive waste reductions which is great news in the global battle against plastic pollution.”

CO2Sustain will attend drinktec in Munich from 12th -16th September 2022. The team will be based in the New Beverage Concepts area located in Hall A5, Stand 711.

For more information, please visit https://www.co2sustain.com/

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