Award-winning coach John Roussot releases new book ‘How to Liberate Your Greatness’

Personal and professional life are inextricably linked. To excel at one, people must also commit to improving the other. For leaders, and any others with a joint responsibility for their own fulfilment and the needs and success of teams at work, this balance is especially essential to get right. In his new book, Liberate Your Greatness, John Roussot explores the connection between personal mastery and professional excellence and how they form a mutually reinforcing loop.

John Roussot is the founder and CEO of FiiT4GROWTH, a renowned business coaching and online training platform that helps individuals and organisations unlock their full potential. “Throughout his career he has experienced both the corporate and entrepreneurial world, consulted to large multinationals and coached people from all walks of life, giving him a unique perspective on the challenge of achieving, and balancing, personal and professional success.

Through Liberate Your Greatness, John poses readers with three central questions: ‘Who do you want to become?’, ‘What do you want to achieve?’, and ‘What impact do you want to have in the world?’, encouraging them to dig deeper than the usual self-reflection exercise. Using six guiding principles to structure the book, John provides a complete guide to making incremental changes that compound into lasting change over time.

Part one of the book introduces the tools and themes John recommends for personal and professional growth. Part two explains the importance of self-awareness as the foundation for lasting transformation and the need for aligning actions with purpose and values. Part three describes frameworks for taking intentional action toward goals and setting up structures for accountability. Lastly, the book covers how readers can amplify their impact and the steps to take to accelerate transformation into the future.

For leaders, Liberate Your Greatness also contextualises the impact of personal growth within the workplace, exploring how it can help to better engage teams at work, energise businesses, create a culture of high performance and space for people to co-create the future together.

A mixture of John’s own personal story and insights plus practical and easy-to-follow models, Liberate Your Greatness is the perfect read for any leader or individual seeking to accelerate their growth, achieve their goals faster and amplify their impact.

Liberate Your Greatness is published by Rethink Press and available on Amazon.

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