Asirom VIG and Solera strengthen collaboration with AI technology integral to the future vision of motor claims


Relationship demonstrates power of damage estimation assisted by AI, a game-changer for the motor insurance industry pioneered by Qapter Intelligent Estimating

Audatex, part of Solera Holdings, Inc., a leading global provider of integrated vehicle lifecycle and fleet management software-as-a-service, data, and services, and Asirom VIG, one of the most important insurance companies in Romania, are taking the next step of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to settle claims faster and shorten key-to-key times. Together, they have extended their strategic technology relationship by implementing Solera’s Qapter Intelligent Estimating into the motor claims process.

Asirom has become one of the first insurance providers to use Solera’s AI in the vehicle risk inspection process, successfully implementing Qapter Intelligent Damage Detection. This enables new policyholders to take photos of their vehicles and then use AI to detect damages at the time of underwriting. The deployment of Intelligent Estimating takes this one step further by introducing AI into the damage estimating process, empowering claims handlers to process smaller claims more efficiently.  

Cristian Ionescu, CEO, Asirom VIG commented: “Delighting customers remains our top priority in claims handling and we’re constantly on the lookout for innovations to further improve their experience. Using AI in the detection and assessment of damage helps us to ensure full transparency for the customer as well as reducing the time to process claims. In addition, using AI to detect and document pre-existing damages at policy inception helps us to improve risk scoring at underwriting and ensure only new damages are compensated in a potential accident claim.” 

“Solera provides a claims management solution that is flexible and scalable, helping Asirom to introduce AI in multiple touch points in the process,” Ionescu added. “Our continued collaboration with Solera allows us to extend the capabilities of AI for vehicle risk inspection, putting the need for fast and accurate estimates at the heart of motor insurance claims.”

“Asirom continues to share our vision by implementing new technologies that use Artificial Intelligence to achieve better business outcomes. We’re delighted to introduce Qapter Intelligent Estimating as the next stage in our ongoing strategic relationship with Asirom”, said Aurel Ivan, Country Manager of Solera Audatex Romania. “Working closely with Asirom, we are driving innovation and first-class claims assessment across the ecosystem to deliver faster settlements and shorter key-to-key times through AI.”

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