Acture Freelance Solutions provides income protection for European freelancers

Tulpenfonds, provider of occupational disability benefits and part of the Acture Group, is starting its own international subsidiary.

Acture Freelance Solutions focuses on international platforms, governments and trade unions and helps them to organise and implement income protection for their freelancers.. A financial security that international freelancers just as easily forget to organise as Dutch self-employed persons. The step towards an international offer comes from the cooperation with international platforms and partners such as HeadFirst.

Maudie Derks, CEO of Acture Group said:

‘Since we are increasingly working with various international platforms, it is a logical step to offer our knowledge and technology internationally. Acture Freelance Solutions designs new and customised insurance and crowdsurance solutions for income protection and takes care of the total financial settlement. . With a broad and wide acceptance, the income is insured in case of incapacity for work. Because, unfortunately, we see that freelancers all around the globe often regulate a possible drop in income due to illness rather poorly. Acture Group has more than 14 years of experience in helping freelancers get back to work and offering the right coverage on income protection. We now combine our experience in Acture Freelance Solutions, so that a safety net is within reach for every freelancer.”

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